10 Beauty Tips That Were Top Secret Till Today



10 Beauty Tips That Were Top Secret Till Today

As much as we love summer and sun, sunlight and high temperatures are not always good for our skin, hair, and make-up. We can bet you can get rid of this problem with these 10 secret beauty hacks.
Here are 10 beauty tips you've never heard of:

1. What About an Avocado mask?

Chlorine, sand, and sun often cause your hair to look brittle, dry, and somewhat dull. And that usually doesn't look pretty at all. What can you do about it? Apply the avocado on your hair as a mask. For this, mix half an avocado, a teaspoon of olive oil, and a pinch of lemon juice, apply it all over your hair and leave the mask for 20 minutes. You will see that your hair will shine with a brand new shine.

2. Rinse hair before the pool

Understandably, you want to jump right into the pool while on vacation. But before doing this, you should rinse your hair with tap water. This will allow your hair to absorb the water and make it less likely to absorb too much pool water. Pool chlorine dries out hair - and discolors colored hair.

3. Nail polish in your fridge

We all have problems with nail polish in the heat: the heat makes it sticky and thick. This is by no means an ideal situation for the perfect manicure. If you don't want to get angry at such things during your manicure, just keep your favorite nail polish in the refrigerator. This prevents the consistency from changing and also extends the shelf life of the product.

4. Tomato juice for blonde hair

Anyone with blonde hair will think to themselves in the summer: "God, my hair looks bad." “The yellow color gets dull quickly or even turns a little green. If you suffer from this problem, then try some tomato juice. Pour the tomato juice on your hair and wait for five to ten minutes, then wash as usual – your yellow tone will look as good as before.


5. Aloe vera ice cubes

Maybe you've been in the sun too long. There is a clue we know for this problem as well. If you have sunburn, you can cool down with aloe vera ice cubes. To do this, freeze an aloe vera gel in ice trays. After sunbathing, you can take them outside and run them over the affected areas. Thus, you can cool the skin and at the same time take care of it. A classic win-win situation!

6. Clean the razor blade with olive oil

We shave our legs almost every day in the summer. It makes sense for the skin to react sensitively. Not only the skin but also the razor makes a difference in daily use. You can soak your blades in olive oil after shaving, if you don't want that they rust.  It also allows the blade to glide nicely over the legs and other parts. You can even use diluted olive oil instead of shaving foam if you prefer. We can guarantee it works perfectly.

7. Deodorant on Feet

This trick isn't supposed to create a great scent, it's supposed to help with moisture. If your feet often collect blisters from sandals or slippers, it's because moisture builds up in the shoes and there's friction. You can apply the deodorant exactly to these areas and you will no longer have any problems with bubbles. Definitely worth a try!

8. Make your makeup travel-friendly

While traveling: If you've ever broken a powder product in your pocket or suitcase while traveling, you probably know exactly how much mess it makes. With this trick this will never happen to you again: Put a cotton pad between the product and the lid and close the packaging as normal. This way, you will prevent it from breaking!

9. Baby powder on the beach

You are at the beach right now and after a while you realize: Sand is all over your face and body. And it's really hard to pull off. However, this can be changed very quickly by using baby powder. Take some on a brush and apply it to your face and body. You can brush the dry sand instantly and clean it easily.

10. Brightening lotion

Shiny skin is very popular in summer. Sometimes you just need a little help to get it. You can make a shimmering lotion very easily at home: Mix some glitter eyeshadow in your favorite cream and apply it to your body. You are now ready to shine. 

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