Active Monday- Yoga For Comfort & Nourishment And Ginger Tea Recipe

Hello to everyone! It's Active Monday again! I don't know about you but in school time Mondays are always active at our home:) Today I have a relaxing yoga video to start your week motivated. And of course a very suitable tea for yoga: ginger tea. It's very easy to prepare and perfect for cold winter months. 
I believe that yoga is also very important for a healthy lifestyle, also give it a try. Enjoy them and have a very happy week:)

Make ginger tea yourself

Ginger tea is easy to make yourself. Its positive effects on colds, travel sickness, migraines, and digestive problems make ginger a versatile home remedy. Find out here how you can make ginger tea from fresh ginger.


a piece of a ginger tuber in organic quality - the slightly shriveled ones are usually a bit hotter and therefore better suited for tea.
boiling water
if necessary some (vegan) honey


Wash the ginger root.
Don't peel the ginger. Many of the important ingredients that make ginger so healthy are hidden in the peel.
Cut off a piece of the root about three to five centimeters in size.
Either cut the piece into thin slices or grate it finely with a vegetable slicer.
Put the ginger in a cup and pour hot water over it.
Let it sit, covered, for about ten minutes.
Complete! Depending on your preference, you can sweeten it with honey or a vegan alternative.

Yoga for comfort & nourishment

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