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 Dakota Johnson Clothing Style

Who is Dakota Johnson? 

 Dakota Mayi Johnson, an American model, and actress is the daughter of famous actress Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson. The 31-year-old Texas-born beautiful model is one of the models that has proven her success in acting by taking part in many movies with her mother and father. Dakota Johnson, who started to make a name for herself with her shootings for vouge magazine at the age of 12, has managed to become one of the well-known and sought-after celebrities with her TV series Ben and Kate.

 The model-actress, who left her mark on a period with her daring scenes in the movie 50 shades of gray, also had a hard time with her family because of these scenes.

Dakota Johnson's clothing style, which always manages to be at the forefront with her beauty, daring poses, and her life, is highly preferred by everyone. One of the biggest reasons why it is preferred is that it is comfortable to wear. Being among the famous style icons, Dakota's every outfit she wears, every jewelry she uses, is almost at the top of the best, most loved, and most preferred order.

Those who love comfort in model clothing, who prefer plain and sports clothing styles in their daily lives, have a great role in renewing their style. In summer, dresses are indispensable for the Dakota style.

Whatever is the most comfortable, Dakota, who has adopted your fashionable style of clothing, can appear in a very stylish way, even with clothes that are 2-3 sizes larger.

Now, let's come to our few Dakota Johnson Style suggestions that we have chosen to inspire you from the famous model's closet.

Dakota Johnson Style

When Dakota Johnson is mentioned, the first things that come to mind are of course overalls, blazer jackets, and dresses. Let's examine it together now.


When you think of Dakota style, the first thing that comes to mind is overalls. Comfortable overalls are among the first choices of Dakota, as is everyone who is fond of comfort. Who doesn't love the comfort of overalls? Dakota is one of the best examples of how stylish you can be with a one-piece jumpsuit and a thin heeled shoe to be worn underneath. Do not forget to have at least one overall in your wardrobe. You can combine the overalls, which will never go out of fashion in summer and winter, with the boots, stilettos, or sneakers you choose under them, very comfortably. In short, overalls are a savior piece.

Plaid Suits

Plaid suits can be a Dakota Johnson model, especially for those who like to be different. You do not have to search for additional accessories for plaid suits, which are assertive enough even on their own. A seasonal boot or stiletto under a small earring is assertive enough to show you in the weather. You should definitely have one of the plaid suits that you can use in summer and winter in your closet.

In addition, it is, of course, possible to combine the single trousers of your checked suits with a shirt and a leather jacket with a large size blazer as a body. Here is another example from Dakota. Comfortable, stylish, and stylish.

If you say that my style is more plaid skirt suits than plaid trouser suits, you can make the same combination with a plaid skirt instead of trousers. A great combination has already been created with a high collar blouse suitable for the season on a plaid skirt or an oversized leather jacket on a basic T-shirt.


With Dakota-style dresses, which are among the indispensables, you can get a very stylish look with very simple jewelry. The combination of a lace dress with a solid color, especially white, and a denim jacket can be very stylish. A simple dress with a Dakota-style metallic shoe selection underneath and all eyes are on you.

Leopard Patterned Jackets

When it comes to Dakota Johnson clothing style, leopard print jackets, coats are very important…

Another piece you should not miss from your closet is a leopard print jacket. Whether you combine it with a black jumpsuit or a white dress, the choice is yours. Moreover, leopard print coats, which look very stylish even with denim, are one of the top pieces when it comes to Dakota Johnson Clothing style.

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