Celebrity Style: Jessica Biel's Elegant & Casual Looks

jessica biel style

I saw Jessica Biel for the first time as Mary Camden in 7th Heaven. It was a drama I watched fondly, and Jessica's different beauty caught my attention. Jessica Biel, who was interested in sports during her childhood and adolescence, owes her sportive physique to this.
The beautiful star later acted in many action movies and in 2005 was named the world's sexiest woman alive. Today I choose some of her elegant and casual looks.


As for her dressing style, Jessica Biel tries different styles at the invitations she attends. She dresses sometimes romantic, sometimes sexy, and sometimes a little bit masculine.

Thanks to her long legs and proportional body, Jessica suits everything she wears.

jessica biels sporty looks

In her daily life, Jessica Biel, like many famous names, prefers casual and street style clothes. It is often possible to see her pictures reflected in the press with only tights and a t-shirt.

jessica biels red carpet dresses

And sometimes she looks just like a wonderful princess...

jessica biesl hairstyles
Jessica Biel, who we are used to seeing with her long hair, surprised her fans with her bob cut at the beginning of 2021. Altho Jessica Biel tried different hairstyles, she used to have beautiful long hair for many years.

jessica biel's new baby

Jessica Biel has been married to famous singer Justin Timberlake since 2012. After the famous couple's first son born in 2015, their second son was born in 2020.

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