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Active Monday - 30 Minute Spooktacular Halloween Dance Workout

Active Monday - 30 Minute Spooktacular Halloween Dance Workout


Hello to everyone!!! This weekend was Halloween so I want to share a Spooktacular Halloween Dance Workout for today's Active Monday healthy lifestyle blog post. And a very tasty and healthy monster appetizers recipe. It's very easy to prepare.

Monster appetizers

Picture: gutekueche.at

Ingredients for 6 monsters:

2 apples
24 sunflower seeds
1 strawberry
small chocolate drops
some powdered sugar


Wash, quarter and core the apples. Cut out a little from the side of the apple peel and fill the top half with four sunflower seeds.
Wash and dry the strawberries and cut them into thin slices. Place a disc in each of the monsters' mouths.
Mix powdered sugar with a little water, shape little eyes out of it and use them to garnish the apples. Put the little chocolate lentils on the white eyes.

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