Styling Over 30 - Don't Make Those Mistakes !!!

Styling Over 30 - Don't Make Those Mistakes !!!

If you're a teenager, or in your 20s you can wear what you want. But at 30 you shouldn't commit some fashion faux pas anymore, because at some point you have to grow up!

The biggest mistake you can make in life is not to try new things for fear of making mistakes. Of course, this also applies to fashion. But you should save yourself some fashion faux pas from the age of 30 at the latest. Often you only realize that when you see yourself in old photos. At that time people thought they were stylish and the fashion queen, from today's perspective they should see themselves more as a fashion victim. But good: it's over and anyone who can stand by their mistakes is sexy. Nevertheless: We have learned a little something and take it with us for our future:

1. Go shopping out of boredom

Most of the time, the financial resources you have at your disposal increase with age. Of course, you also need appropriate outfits for the next step on the career ladder, and of course, you can treat yourself to extensive shopping trips. But you shouldn't make one mistake: just go shopping out of boredom! Of course, shopping is fun and banishes boredom, but it's like shopping hungry: In the end, you bought more than you wanted, just not what you actually need.

Styling Over 30 - Don't Make Those Mistakes !!!

2. Buy non-iron dresses

Very few people like to stand at the ironing board, but at some point, they realize that the promise "iron-free" is just a marketing gag. Non-iron items always stay a bit creased and as beautiful as a cleanly ironed blouse or dress, they just aren't. Out of desperation, you eventually iron your non-iron clothes, but you always have the feeling that you have actually been cheated on. We save ourselves that, we buy what we like and accept that we have to use the iron.

 3. Whoever wants to be beautiful has to suffer

Yes, we know this saying and have heard it a thousand times and maybe even put it in our mouths. But not anymore! We are beautiful when we are happy! But no pain is suitable for being happy. So no matter how great the high heels or how sexy skinny jeans look: We don't need what makes us painful when wearing them. There are enough nice alternatives that suit us!

Styling Over 30 - Don't Make Those Mistakes !!!

4. Buy the same part multiple times

Yes, we know that. You went shopping and put a piece in your shopping cart that you weren't really convinced about. Then you stand in front of the mirror at home and think: "It's actually quite good that I bought it!" And when you wear it on the street for the first time, our friends freak out. And we're so excited about the garment that we buy it twice so we can wear it all the time.

But wait: what is special only remains special if it does not become commonplace. So: Declare the new piece to be your absolute favorite, take care of it, but it is completely sufficient once you have it in your wardrobe!

5. Better to buy new than maintain

We know that from tights. One time you don't pay attention when taking it off, there is already a ladder in it. The thing goes in the garbage can and we go to the nearest shop to get supplies. There are pieces of clothing that have a limited shelf life - nylons are one of them. But with a little care, they will last longer. That is good for the environment and our finances.

Styling Over 30 - Don't Make Those Mistakes !!!

6. Buy without trying on

Because it looked so incredibly good in advertising, you buy a piece without trying it on. When you put it on for the first time, you get disillusioned: Your new fashion item doesn't look as great as it does in the advertising! To be honest, it doesn't look like what was advertised at all! You fell for the classic: Photoshop makes everything more attractive! Therefore: never buy blindly. And never buy something just because it's advertised. Your clothes have to fit you. That is why you alone and not the advertising determine which fashion underlines your character.

7. A look at the price tag is decisive

We all have a certain budget, so we have to be careful about what our clothes cost. However, making the purchase decision dependent on the price alone is fatal: A low price often means defects in processing, inferior materials, and - unfortunately - poor production conditions.

When shopping, pay attention to the price but weigh it up. Is the price reasonable? How much of the price do you pay for the brand? Are the workmanship and materials as you would expect for the price? And how was the clothing produced?

Styling Over 30 - Don't Make Those Mistakes !!!

8. "I don't have 40!"

The pants pinch when you try them on, but you are too proud to buy them one size larger? We can tell you: this is vain nonsense. Nobody will look to see if your dress is size 36, 38, or 40. And since every piece of clothing turns out a little different, it is also normal that you need a size larger than usual. That doesn't mean you've become less attractive. On the contrary: That means that you have gained a bit of freedom!

9. You buy the brand, not the garment

Every year has its trending brand. When it comes to shoes, in particular, there is almost always a brand or model that is particularly popular and that is featured on Instagram and in fashion blogs. Forget this hype! It's about you like fashion, not what others are celebrating. If you think the trend is beautiful, there is nothing to be said against it. And if you don't like it, you leave it out. That's a long way from going out of style!

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