The Benefits Of Tamanu Oil - Natural Oils

Exotic beauty booster: 

Tamanu oil is the insider tip for impure and dry skin

Benefits Of Tamanu Oil

Natural skincare is booming: More and more brands are relying on clean formulas and banning chemicals that are harmful to the environment and health from the tubes and jars of their cosmetic products. On the other hand, natural beauty boosters, for example in the form of nourishing vegetable oils, are very popular. While jojoba, almond, or rosehip oil already have most on their radar, Tamanu oil is still a real insider tip. We reveal what makes the care oil so special and why it is ideal for dry and even blemished skin.

Tamanu Oil is an all-rounder for beautiful and radiant skin

Tamanu oil: what is it?

The Benefits Of Tamanu Oil - Natural Oils

Tamanu oil is a new and relatively unknown beauty trend, but one that has the maximum potential to become the new favorite in the bathroom. The nourishing oil is obtained from the seeds of the Tamanus - a tropical tree that grows in East Africa, Southeast Asia, and northern Australia. The thick, dark green oil has been used there as a natural remedy for centuries. And the beauty industry has now discovered the valuable oil for itself because it brings so many benefits for the skin ...

Tamanu oil gently cares for the skin

Tamanu Oil is the new skincare favorite. This is how Tamanu Oil works on the skin:

Moisture booster: Tamanu oil is rich in omega fatty acids, which provide the skin with intensive moisture and eliminate dry, rough areas.

Anti-pimple effect: Oil-based care products are usually not recommended for blemished skin. However, Tamanu Oil has antibacterial as well as anti-inflammatory properties that can help prevent pimples. Scientists even suspect that the oil can also be used as a natural remedy for inflammatory acne or eczema.

Stimulates wound healing: Tamanu Oil has a healing effect on the skin, as it stimulates the regeneration of cells and the production of collagen. As a result, pimples heal faster and scars improve with regular use.

Anti-aging care: Because the oil stimulates collagen production and cell growth and acts as a powerful antioxidant against free radicals, Tamanu Oil also ensures a youthful, plump skin and prevents wrinkles.

The Benefits Of Tamanu Oil - Natural Oils

How to use Tamanu Oil correctly?

Pure Tamanu Oil can be used daily, morning and / or evening and is always applied after lighter care such as toner and serum. Use only a few drops - the oil is very rich. Then massage in the care selectively or all over your face. 

Extra tip: Since this is a natural product, there may be intolerance in rare cases. It is best to test the oil in advance on a small area on the back of your hand.

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