5 Surprising Things That You Have To Pay Attention To, When It Comes To Sun Protection

It is now well known that should be an indispensable step in your skincare routine in order to effectively prevent premature skin ageing. And, of course, he usually smells really good of summer and holiday feeling. But sun protection is not only sun protection. There are a few essential things to keep in mind when choosing. Find out what they are so that you can safely enjoy the cream in the future - and do something really good for the environment!

5 Surprising Things That You Have To Pay Attention To, When It Comes To Sun Protection

# 1: Use at least sun protection factor 30 - daily!

Do you think your normal daycare with integrated SPF 20 is sufficient in everyday life? Sure, that's better than nothing, of course, but to really protect your skin reliably from harmful UVA and UVB radiation and from its unsightly consequences such as pigment spots and wrinkles, you should choose a significantly higher sun protection product. We recommend at least one SPF 30, for light-coloured, sensitive skin types even SPF 50. Since UVA and UVB rays can easily penetrate through clouds, you don't care what the weather looks like. You put on your sunscreen every day, ok?

# 2: Not only protect your skin, but also the environment

Did you know that microplastics and nanoparticles are found in a number of sun protection products? From a scientific point of view, it is still not entirely clear what effects these tiny particles can actually have on the human body, but the idea of ​​lotioning the skin with plastic does not sound very appealing to us ...

What has already been proven: Pollution from microplastics and nanoparticles damages the world's oceans and has a negative impact on aquatic biodiversity. There are estimates that around 14,000 tons of sun milk get into the oceans with aggressive chemical UV filters, microplastics and nanoparticles every year. No wonder that states like Hawaii and Palau have already passed laws that will completely ban the use of sunscreens with environmentally harmful additives from 2021. Coral death is another big problem.

June 8th was World Oceans Day and should make all of us think about which sun protection we want to use in the future. Action is the order of the day! Fortunately, there are already sun protection products that are designed ecologically and thus protect water and the underwater world.

 The aim of the cooperation of big brands is to raise public awareness of the sustainable use of the oceans, rivers and lakes, especially against the background of their increasing pollution from plastic waste.
Sun Protection

# 3: Avoid textures that leave a white residue

A white veil on your face after applying cream? We all know each other and accept it as evil if we want to protect ourselves from the sun. It doesn't have to be that way. There is now sun protection that does not leave any of these unsightly residues.

# 4: Pay attention to nourishing ingredients in your sunscreen

Ideally, your sun protection should not only have a high SPF but also impress with nourishing ingredients. For example, should not compromise on its hydrating texture in its environmentally friendly formulation. It may contain antioxidant vitamin E.

Ingenious that you can not only protect your skin from harmful radiation with sun protection but also provide it with sufficient moisture and strengthen it for a life with sun, sea and wind!

5 Surprising Things That You Have To Pay Attention To, When It Comes To Sun Protection

# 5: Choose a sunscreen that is waterproof

If you spend a lot of time in the sun, you will inevitably sweat. Therefore, it is important that you apply waterproof sunscreen. After bathing, you should always apply the cream. Protection is maintained by reapplying the organic sunscreen. Sun damage, therefore, has no chance of influencing your complexion.

Now you know what to look for in your sun protection and why you should choose an ecological one. You can simply protect what you love better: your skin, the sea and the nature in which you live.

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