2020 Spring/Summer Trends - 8 Biggest Trends For Spring & Summer

The 2020 Spring / Summer trends are bolder this season than ever before. From mini shorts to bed-to-street style sex appeal high designs, I researched the 8 trends of the Spring / Summer season of 2020 for you.


While the world wants to raise awareness about climate changes, designers do not spend this season empty. The collections, which reference the beauty of the wild nature, serve the season with a wide and colourful product range from tropical leaves to exotic flowers, ready-to-wear items and accessories.

Black Is The New White

If we say 'Black is the new white' for the 2020 Spring / Summer season, we are not wrong. While Black goes away from boring, making a quick return to summer wardrobes; The most remarkable designs of the tracks have always used the game in favour of black. Although it is thought that it is not very ideal for summer, it will be dominated by black with the breath of fresh fabrics next summer.

From Bed to Street

For the coming season, the designers who put sex appeal in the centre are quite determined to carry their underwear out. When underwear, bras and corsets were added to the trend journey that started with the discovery of the street of slip dresses, the whole team was together during the transfer from bed to street.

Short Stories

The on-going evolution of the trousers, from paper bags to waist, to Spanish trousers, is a long story. Best of all, get a short cut and help from universally accepted shorts in the 2020 Spring / Summer season. Make room in your wardrobe for short pants that provide plenty of space for you to walk, run, dance or just move the way you want.


Handmade is in demand in the Spring / Summer season of 2020, as well as last summer. Designs embellished with summer-friendly raw fabrics, such as sile cloth and linen, with naive workmanship and showy lace will travel from seaside to many places with night invitations.

The 70s

Suits, which are among the pieces that will never go out of fashion, warm themselves every year and present them to us. Inspired by both the future and the past, corporate teams stand out from this attitude and reflect the 70s look of free-spirited women.


The history of crimped fabrics, which are referred to as 'wrap' in the fashion literature, actually dates back to quite old times. At least until the Greeks. The designs that wrap the body randomly and evoke the Hellenistic silhouettes show a modern look despite their irregular postures.

 Beige and Timeless: Trench Coat

A thin jacket is a must for unexpected weather conditions of spring. That is why we see trench coats in almost all collections in the Spring / Summer season. The most iconic part of the trend colour beige of the last few seasons is the timelessness of the trench coats!

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