What's New İn 2020 Fashion World?

Big bags, slippers and skinny jeans? Yesterday's snow. The fashion industry already presented its trend show for 2020 at the fashion week in September 2019. What is actually in demand from the huge selection has now emerged.

A brief summary of the highlights of 2020.

The Wild Seventies: Everything that looks like Mick Jagger and Charlie's Angels is in. Especially high-rise bell pants in combination with figure-hugging shirt blouses could be seen on the catwalks at Victoria Beckham or Chloe.

Small bags: Instead of the huge tote bags that began their triumphal march in the past decade, fashionistas have been relying on the chic but unfortunately much less practical mini bags for two seasons. Currently in great demand: Slouchy Bags by Bottega Veneta made of soft leather.

Loafers: We've had enough of sneakers. After years of sportiness, it becomes more elegant - and staid - in the form of college shoes and loafers.

Silk scarves: Burberry and Versace showed it off and presented printed silk scarves, which until recently were considered bourgeois.

Big shoulders: The reminiscence of the eighties remains with us this season. Just like oversized coats and blazers.

Off to the jungle: Leopard and snake prints are increasingly being replaced by jungle motifs. Versace and Fendi spread the tropical feeling.

Drama, baby: oversized dresses with ruffles and ruffles are reminiscent of the opulent Baroque period and came back in 2018 to stay.

Elegant skewer looks: Generally, high-necked looks are required. It can be elegant here too.

I have to say I am not a fashionista, I have my own style. small bags, for example, are not for me or elegant shoes. I am a sneaker girl:) I think we have to take always a look what's new in fashion worlds but in the end we have to use outfits suitable to our own style. What do you think about this?

Outfits: Shein 2020 Collection 

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  1. Deria, thank you for the news in 2020 Fashion World.

  2. Replies
    1. Small bags are very cute and trendy but I take alot of things so I always need a bigger bag :)

  3. Cool post! thank you very much, dear! )))

    1. Thanks for your comment to my article 2020 fashion trends :)

  4. Küçük çantaların moda olmasına seviniyorum ama kullanamıyorum bir sürü gereksiz şey yanımda taşıyorum.

    1. Ben de hiç kullanamam var evde ama çok ender lazım olur. Bir sürü ıvır zıvır taşırım :)

  5. Definitely loving the 70s inspiration! Everything looks really fabulous.

  6. Adorei esta publicação, com as tendências para este ano... confessando que também eu não consigo abdicar de malas grandes!... O meu mundo de coisas... não cabe numa mala pequena... :-)
    Adorei o post, e a sua sinceridade, Deria! Beijinhos


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