Try Scandinavian Style while Decorating Your Home  

Try Scandinavian Style While Decorating Your Home


There are many varieties in the developing decorative field. If you get lost among these varieties, if you like fresh and simple style, you should prefer Scandinavian style.

What is Scandinavian Style?

It is the freshest form available in the field of home decoration. Simplicity is the most important feature of this style, which is known to represent cold countries. The meaning of this simplicity is very deep. White is the colour that symbolizes the light of icy nights on the days when the night covers the whole day. When we consider the geographic location of cold countries, it seems natural to put such a meaning on white.

White colour makes you feel cold. Therefore, wood is used in Scandinavian style decorations to break the effect of the cold environment. We try to create an even warmer environment by using wood. Captured with a warm atmosphere is obtained in a more intimate environment.

As a classical interpretation; You can choose glass and metal options for your lighting.

Scandinavian style is special. Therefore, you must be very careful when choosing items. You should not use every product while moving along the classic line. You should consider our recommendations.

If you notice old items, you can use antique items in a way that does not impair colour harmony. You can especially choose products made of wood.

If your heating range is extensive, we recommend fireplaces. Because the fireplace, which is both different and simple style, is the most suitable heating system for this style.

Finally; You can also use aged wood products or products with wood details.

What to do to have a Scandinavian style?

  • You should prefer natural products. In the information above, we have stated that the most important points are white and wood. If these are not enough for you and you want to be more modernized, let's give you a few tips on Scandinavian style.

  • If your windows are wide, you will receive more sunlight. Also, make sure the curtains you use are thin. Because the thinness of the curtain will add elegance to your room.

  • Try to use one colour; single colour white, single colour grey. You can also use colours close to white and grey. You can contribute to this elegance by choosing wood in your other furniture.

  • If you're in favour of naturalness in style, choose the obsolete style. You will achieve a more elegant environment by providing natural integrity.

  • Fabrics with straw and bamboo-like fabrics add elegance to you by providing a natural look.

  • As a result, if you prefer Scandinavian Style, you can easily benefit from recycling. You can use your old products by restoring them.

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