Beauty-No-Go: That's why you should never put coconut oil in your hair

coconut oil

Coconut oil is considered the beauty all-rounder and is said to work for just about every skin and hair problem. But apparently, the supposed beauty miracle product for the hair is not so good. You can find out why here:
Regardless of whether you remove make-up, oil pulling or as an SOS tip for dry hair tips: coconut oil is treated as an absolute miracle cure in terms of beauty! But it seems that the product is not as universal as we have always assumed. Because especially those who want to keep their dry hair supple again with coconut oil can do the exact opposite.

Coconut oil for hair? Why the beauty miracle product is not suitable for hair care

 hair care

It has long ceased to be an insider tip: coconut oil - added discreetly to the tips or acted for a long time as a cure - should give dry and brittle hair more shine again and provide it with moisture. Nourishing oil on dry areas? Sounds plausible. But it is not, saying the experts. People often use oils to moisturize their hair, but when hair needs moisture it is thirsty and needs a drink. In fact, oil and water don't match. Oil repels water and either push it out of the hair or prevents it from getting into the hair.
So if you put oil in your hair, it makes it shine optically - but it is not cared for and even more brittle due to oil. Because it prevents the hair from absorbing proper moisture. But that was not all, because there is another problem with the supposed miracle cure: According to the expert, coconut oil in particular only works as a kind of quick repair by penetrating every tiny hole in the hair shaft. This would, however, stand in the way of amino acids that damaged hair actually desperately needs. Conclusion: Coconut oil virtually obscures the problem, but does not help against dry tips in the long run.

hair care

These alternatives for hair care are better than the beauty all-rounder coconut oil

But don't worry, there is still a ray of hope for our hair. If coconut oil doesn't help, then it is a different product - but with a very specific property. Instead of using oils to fight frizz, products with a low pH should be used for the hair. This keeps the cuticle layer flat, which means less matting. Matted hair is often flakes of hair that get caught. The experts also recommending using a moisturizing hair mask every day.

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