10 Tips For A Fresh Skin-Absolutely Follow These Rules

A fresh and radiant skin ensures a positive radiance and simply puts you in a good mood. Regular care is important so that the skin looks rosy and healthy even without a lot of make-up.
We have put together 10 tips for a fresh skin for you.

skin care

1. Thorough cleaning

Thorough cleansing of the face is essential in the morning after getting up and in the evening before going to bed. This effectively removes make-up residues, dander or the like. It is best to use a cleansing gel that suits your skin type. A gentle facial brush that cleans the pores is ideal. If you act consistently, the complexion will look radiant and no longer tired and pale.

2. Day care

The facial skin is tender and sensitive and should therefore be protected as well as possible from environmental influences. With a day care tailored to your skin type, you provide the skin with moisture. Some products are slightly tinted so that you can use the cream as the basis for your make-up at the same time. Care with a UV filter is well suited to counteract premature skin aging. On request, you can receive products that conceal light wrinkles.

skin care

3. Peeling

Dead skin cells can best be removed with a peeling. The facial skin renews itself approximately every 26 to 28 days, leaving small flakes each time. With a weekly peeling you remove the dead skin flakes and ensure a good circulation of the facial skin. Those who suffer from very oily skin are right with two applications a week. With very dry skin, less is more, here the peeling is sufficient every 14 days. It is best to use the product in the evening, then get up in the morning with a radiant complexion.

4. Night care

A rich skin care cream is recommended overnight to provide the skin with optimal nutrients. Apply the product after intensive cleaning before going to bed. You can find various regenerating night creams in stores that are tailored to your skin type. It is not for nothing that one speaks of “beauty sleep” because during the night the cells work in chords to remove any damage. With a good cream you support the process effectively.

skin care

5. Drink a lot

Sufficient fluid is essential for our health. The skin also benefits if you consume at least two liters of water a day. Unsweetened herbal teas or fruit spritzers are also good alternatives to water. The liquid helps to flush toxins out of the body and makes the skin look more elastic and healthier. If we drink too little, the skin is less resistant and small wrinkles form. Ideally, you should drink the amount of fluid throughout the day.

6. Movement in fresh air

Fresh air and oxygen make the complexion rosy and healthy. Above all, colder air stimulates blood circulation and ensures a healthy appearance. Exercise in the fresh air as regularly as possible - whether it's just a short walk during lunch break or a longer bike tour. The movement is not only good for the skin, but also for the soul. If you are in dry indoor air during the day, regular ventilation is recommended, otherwise the skin loses too much moisture.

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7. Sun protection

Make sure you have adequate sun protection to prevent premature skin aging. For the summer there is a special tinted day cream with a sun protection factor. You get sun protection that is tailored to dry, oily or combination skin. A high sun protection factor is recommended for very light skin. If you sweat a lot or take a bath, the cream may lose its effectiveness.

8. Healthy eating

A vitamin-rich and healthy diet is perfect for a flawless complexion. Foods that contain antioxidants are particularly suitable. Zinc, selenium and various vitamins neutralize the so-called "free radicals", which are suspected to be involved in the development of various diseases. Foods that provide the body with vitamin C, carotene and vitamin E are very suitable. The skin is supported in the formation of collagen and is firm and vital.

healthy eating for a fresh skin

9. No nicotine

Tobacco accelerates skin aging and makes smokers look older. Anyone who smokes has sagging skin that lacks elasticity and wrinkles form. The nicotine also slows down collagen production so that the skin of heavy smokers often looks very pale. The smoke also damages the outside, because the finest particles clog the pores and the skin becomes brittle and cracked. Weaning has a positive effect on the complexion: the complexion looks much fresher when the body no longer has to process the toxins from the cigarettes.

skin care

10. Adequate sleep

Our skin cells renew themselves during sleep. If we slept around eight hours, the skin looks fresh and rested the next morning. In combination with a good night cream, adequate sleep is a top remedy for a radiant complexion. If we suffer from a lack of sleep, the body releases the stress hormone cortisol. The skin looks pale and dull, and swollen eyes are not uncommon.

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