These 6 Beauty Mistakes Cause Wrinkles

Anti-ageing: these 6 beauty mistakes cause wrinkles!

Anti-ageing is an annoying topic that we are confronted with at a young age.
Wrinkles are part of getting older, but we still find them annoying. Nobody likes wrinkles and that's why everyone wants to keep them away as long as possible. Various anti-ageing products actually help fight wrinkles. But apart from beauty products, there are also habits that we should better leave to prevent wrinkles on the face. The beauty industry may not be grateful to us for this, but we will tell you 6 habits that can cause wrinkles early on - unfortunately true!

If we avoid these habits, the wrinkles will be gone!

1. Anti-ageing error: Shower too warm

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Many love to shower with hot water. Especially when we freeze during the day and therefore want to allow ourselves a little warm-up in the shower. Whether in the morning or in the evening: a hot shower relaxes us. But did you know that the hot water and steam dries out our skin? The skin becomes cracked and wrinkled. So remember: It is better to take a cooler shower - in the morning it provides a real freshness kick and the hair doesn't greasy so quickly.

2. Anti-ageing mistakes: sleep on your stomach at night

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Many women are sleeping on their stomach. It is best to bend either the left or the right leg and good night! If you sleep with your face on the pillow, you shouldn't be surprised if a few wrinkles form on your face over time. Incidentally, side sleepers are equally affected. Because the facial skin is pulled up when lying down. What can you do about it? It's best to lie on your back so that you don't even have the opportunity to hide your face in the pillow.

3. Anti-ageing error: Eyeliner Applying

Anyone who paints a beautiful eyeliner every day knows how much time it takes. But apart from the time, it also takes a lot of nerves to pull it perfectly. And there is the problem: when we apply it, we pull our eyelids. The skin on the eyelid is particularly thin and therefore much more sensitive than the skin on the cheeks. By pulling the eyelid, small annoying crow's feet can develop much faster.

4. Anti-ageing mistakes: contact lenses

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Similar to the application of the eyeliner, the skin around the eye is pulled back and forth when the contact lenses are inserted. Contact lens wearers will surely shake their heads and wonder how they can handle this. We know it's difficult. But putting on the glasses every now and then would avoid some early wrinkles!

5. Anti-ageing mistakes: In the evening forget to take off your make-up

beauty mistakes to avoid

Who does not know it? We lie comfortably on the sofa, have our favourite series on and want to fall straight into bed as soon as the episode is over. People don't like to take off their make-up. But it has to be! Even if you haven't made up your face during the day, you should clean your face in the evening before going to bed. The skin has to be cleaned deep into the pores and receives a beautiful glow.
Many dust particles accumulate on the skin during the day. Sebum, dirt and dead cells otherwise make it comfortable on your skin - and the idea alone is somehow not so nice ...  It is only important that you only use the retinol cream in the evening and protect your face with a moisturizer with SPF during the day. Because retinol makes the skin more permeable to UV radiation.

6. Anti-ageing mistakes: Do not use eye cream

beauty mistakes to avoid

The first small wrinkles usually form around the eyes. That is not a bad thing, because there is nothing more likeable than laugh lines. Nevertheless, it is important to ensure that the wrinkles on the eyes do not deepen. It happens quickly. if we don't care for them properly. That's why good eye cream is essential from the mid-20s. It should contain vitamin C, stimulate the collagen around the eyes and, at best, also make light circles around the eyes disappear at the same time.

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