Beauty trend: This is how lymphatic drainage works at home

lymphatic drainage

Get the beauty trend from Hollywood straight to your home

Touches are few and far between in times of quarantine. Singles in particular suffer from the ban on contact. A massage using the DIY process can now replace the missing stroking units - and also cares for the body. We bring home a popular beauty trend among Hollywood stars. Lymphatic drainage is especially loved for its firming effect, it stimulates the lymph nodes in the body and thus helps to simply flush bacteria out of the skin. I'll show you how you can also do the massage Hollywood swears by at home, without a wellness salon.

massage at home

This is how the beauty trend at home succeeds: You need these products

For the lymphatic drainage, use creams based on caffeine and antioxidants to support the firming effect of the massage. You can also use tools at home to imitate the strong hands of a professional, such as a jade roller or a body tool specially designed for lymphatic drainage.


Step by step: the beauty trend of lymphatic drainage using the DIY process


  • First, stand naked in front of a mirror. Then press the area directly under your clavicle with the palm of your hand.
  • Use your right hand to apply pressure to your left armpit. Repeat the print three times. Do the same on the other side.
  • Keep going to your arms. Put light pressure on your elbows with your hands and feel your way up to your shoulders. Repeat on the other side.
  • Massage your stomach by placing your palms flat between your hip bones. Then make circular movements. Repeat the whole five times.
  • Pinch the entire belly until it blushes slightly.
  • Press your palms on your groin three times.
  • Close your hands into a fist and bring them up from the knee to the groin. Repeat eight times on each side.
  • Push your fists into the back of your knees three times.
  • Now bring your fists up from your foot to your knee. Repeat ten times on each side.
massage at home

The complete massage takes about 15 to 20 minutes. You can incorporate them into your beauty routine four to five times a week.
Tip: Make sure you drink a lot 48 hours after the massage to support the detoxification effect. Water and teas are particularly good. You should also avoid sugar and alcohol.

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