7 Tips For Everyday And Household Hygiene

The coronavirus causes sometimes uncertainty. How laundry is washed and what should be considered when shopping in the supermarket. Here 7 useful tips for everyday and household hygiene.

Schools and kindergartens are closed, supermarket shelves have been cleared, concerts and sporting events have been cancelled and many people have moved their work home: the coronavirus is spreading more and more in our everyday lives.

During this time, many people use disinfectants as a precaution and wash their hands regularly. But is that enough for everyday hygiene?


Tip 1: Proper hygiene in the household

Special household hygiene measures are not necessary. Cleaning with a normal household cleaner is enough - it removes most dirt particles and surface germs.

The situation is different with disinfectants: they could not remove dirt. They would only have to be used in private households in exceptional cases, for example on the advice of a doctor.

Tip 2: wash hygienically

People worry that viruses could multiply in the washing machine and remain on clothing. The specialists say: "It is perfectly fine for the type of laundry to continue using the normal washing programs and detergents." If there is actually a respiratory infection, he excludes the transmission when the clothes are clean and washed.

wash your hands

Tip 3: Rinse off in times of the coronavirus

The same applies to the dishes. At a normal temperature of 60 degrees Celsius, all germs would be reliably killed.

"If you wash by hand, you should do this as soon as possible after meals - the longer dirty dishes are around, the more pathogens can settle on them." In addition, emphasizes the doctor, the wet dishes should then be dried to prevent them from becoming a breeding ground.

Tip 4: Ventilate rooms regularly

Regular ventilation is recommended anyway, especially in winter. Even in Corona times, nothing has to change. Since airborne droplets in the air may be reduced, fresh air reduces the risk of infection. Small side effect: "The better air quality is good for our immune system,".

hygiene at home

Tip 5: Shopping outside of peak hours

Those who want to avoid large crowds should do the same when shopping. It makes sense not to shop at peak times or to use pickup and delivery services. "The same hygienic regulations apply as for other acute respiratory diseases - one to two meters away."

After shopping, hands should be washed - if possible before touching other objects.

Tip 6: cash and hand hygiene

There are currently no measures to disinfect the cash. However, the expert knows that the Chinese central bank took such an action in February in particularly affected areas. If you want to avoid this,: "In addition to hand hygiene, customers can use cashless payments or the cell phone."


Tip 7: Make your own disinfectant

If you want to feel safe, use disinfectants. There are various instructions in the media for making your own. But this step seems not to be a good idea. These ingredients not only have an effect on microorganisms but also on health and can damage the environment. For the experts, one thing is certain: thorough hand washing is enough.

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