4 Principles To Build A Beautiful Skin

What makes us really beautiful? Looking at the trends of the past few years, the answer is clear: beauty is not just a question of care from the outside, but also care from the inside. How do we manage to do justice to both care aspects? Read it yourself ...

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From anti-ageing to anti-pollution, from daycare to make-up trends, from beauty tricks to beauty hype: when it comes to beauty and radiance, our skin is the primary focus. It is not only our largest organ but not infrequently also a mirror of our soul. And it is the first thing we pay attention to with others and said others with us. But what makes it "beautiful"?

Each of us is faced with the latter question - regardless of age, job, personality. After all, we all want to shine. In our own way, if possible. And the good news is that, firstly, we can pay more attention to our skin every day. And second, support them with a holistic care system for their radiance. Because the fact is: our skin has numerous essential tasks. It protects the body from environmental influences, regulates the heat balance, is a sensory organ and communication channel at the same time, also has a crucial immune function and also plays an important role in the moisture content - so much for understanding.

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What is in the way of our (skin) beauty?

The natural ageing of the skin, which at the cellular level results in thinning, brittle skin that loses elasticity, is not only a question of age and the associated hormonal changes in the body (keyword: menopause) but also of lifestyle. The latter has an enormous impact on whether our skin meets the usual beauty criteria - and whether we shine from the inside and outside.


Stress, UV light, bad habits (e.g. smoking), unclean water, certain medicines - what we use to challenge our skin in everyday life costs energy that it needs so much for self-preservation. Because all of this ensures the increased formation of free radicals, which even advance the skin ageing process.


Above all, carbohydrate-rich, low-vitamin and fatty food are considered enemies of a healthy, beautiful complexion.


Women with beautiful skin know their skin type. That is the prerequisite for giving the skin exactly what it needs. Nourishing or inferior products stress the skin more than they achieve their supposed effects. A vicious circle in the struggle for our beauty begins.


Stressed, unhappy, unfit? The first thing you can see on your skin - often even before you put it into words. Conversely, this also means that those who practice healthy psycho-hygiene also do something actively for a radiantly beautiful (skin) appearance!

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Understanding what is stressing your skin is the first step. But how do you make it shine now? Recognized care practices recommended by dermatologists unite: They offer the skin self-help. Because everything that the skin needs for its beauty, it basically carries enough in every single cell (e.g. collagen, hyaluronic) - until the age-related breakdown of the skin's own substances begins (approx. From the age of 25). But: Holistic care systems, such as that of the Munich beauty brand A4, can make it possible with effective principles to make the skin glow again.

These are the most important principles for beautiful skin!


Sometimes the skin just needs a kick. And a pampering moment that gives her new strength. Just like us ...

Tip: Exclusive ingredients such as a special argan oil and a selection of other natural ingredients can be used for the care. How does it work? With modern active ingredient compositions that (re) activate the skin's own build-up of elasticity, volume and tone from the inside.


Beauty is the result of a holistic strategy - inside and out. You should also adjust your diet in favour of your skin's radiance and understand it as part of your beauty ritual.

Tip: With a clear concept, it can be easier for you to implement this principle.


In order to build up a beautiful radiance, it is not "only" important for the skin, but also for the tissue underneath: our muscles.

Tip: Do not only count legs & Co., but the face can also enjoy muscle training. Yes, that's right: Here, too, muscles eventually break down, which can provide the skin with elasticity. But how do we rebuild it? Here is a face yoga video for a better and younger face.


Nothing easier than that? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Our emotional world is particularly sensitive to changes, stresses and stressors. This is expressed - clearly - through our skin.

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