Hand care in Corona times: This keeps the skin supple

hand care

How should you take care of your hands in Corona times? 

Special hand creams can help with dry hands.

Frequent hand washing is currently essential. But disinfectants and soap ensure dry and cracked skin.

Hygiene measure: hand wash

hand care

"Please wash your hands!" In order to protect against the novel coronavirus, the instruction appears again and again in everyday life. You have to pay close attention to their hand hygiene. And at every opportunity. If you come home, the first passage leads to the sink. Wash, wash, wash, that's the motto. 20 to 30 seconds and with lots of soap. But what helps against the unwanted respiratory viruses damages the skin. The result: Frequent hand washing, with high water temperatures and aggressive cleaning agents, causes stressed hands these days.

Why healthy and intact skin is important?

 Healthy skin is protected by a layer of fat, moisture and acid. Thanks to this protective function, our skin successfully stops pathogens. Thanks to an intact horny layer and the healthy microbiome of the skin, which includes all of the skin's microorganisms, the skin has a kind of protective jacket that reduces environmental influences. But intensive and frequent hand washing can damage this coat. This is precisely why it is important to avoid aggressive cleaning agents.

hand care

Which soap is also the best choice for sensitive skin?

Despite unpleasant side effects, hygiene is the top priority in these times. Water alone - not even when it is particularly hot - cannot kill viruses. Soap is needed. In order not to strain your hands too much when washing, We advise you to use a mild, pH-neutral soap. Classic soap with a high pH should be avoided. Why? "It neutralizes the skin's important protective acid mantle, which can result in dry and cracked hands." Instead, we advise a synthetic liquid soap with a neutral pH around 5.5. It doesn't dry out the skin as much.

If the skin on your hands becomes cracked and rough due to the many washes, this can quickly become dangerous - especially in corona times. Because of the fine injuries to the skin, Germs could penetrate unhindered. The appropriate care measures during this time: "Cracks can be sealed with Rhagaden adhesive and a lot of cream can be applied." Such an adhesive, especially for the skin, is a kind of liquid plaster.
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What sufferers should consider with hand cream and disinfectants?

Since the stressed skin lacks moisture and grease, it is recommended to use hand creams with glycerin or urea. Urea is a urea that can bind moisture and keep the skin supple. In addition, those affected should pay attention to a sufficient fat content when choosing hand cream.

On the other hand, we advise against household remedies and commercially available oils: "They are not a good alternative because they do not absorb so well - the care effect is also relatively small in comparison." The expert does not have a rule about when and where we should best apply our hands. In general, you should leave creams on overnight and apply them thicker. Otherwise: "Apply cream frequently; every now and then in between."

In the case of stressed hands, additional use of disinfectant does not have to be dispensed with these days. There are also skin-friendly disinfectants that even have moisturizing properties. Such agents could even be more effective than traditional soaps and hand washing. Better wash less and disinfect more often. Products made from pure alcohol should not be used for disinfection, as this will further irritate the damaged skin.

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