Perfect Gift Ideas For Mom - Mother's Day 2020

Mum is the best! At least on Mother's Day, most children remember that they want to make their mother happy. Even if many mothers certainly do not want to admit it, most expect a little attention from their children on Mum Day. But what is the best way to surprise your mother? What is the perfect Mother's Day gift?

mothers day 2020

Mother's Day gifts: these are the classics

Unsurprisingly, flowers and chocolates are also among the most popular gifts. And let's be honest: you don't go wrong with flowers, in particular. A colourful bouquet requires little creativity, makes mom happy - and you can get it on every corner (by the way, a pretty vase is also great!)

mothers day 2020

Flowers - but a very specific variety, please

Flowers are particularly practical for those who have forgotten when the day of the day is actually celebrated (small tip: it is always the second Sunday in May) and are still looking for Mother's Day gifts at the last minute so that they do not go empty-handed stand in front of mother's door. If you know the mother's favourite variety, you can't go wrong.

Perfect Gift Ideas For Mom - Mother Day 2020

Chocolate makes mom happy

In addition to flowers, chocolate in all variations is also one of the tops of Mother's Day gifts. Important: With chocolate and other sweets, you should be very sure about what Mum Mama tastes - and then you can also make chocolate yourself. Individual and with a heart. Otherwise, it is an attention in the end, which is meant nicely, but which will very likely end up in the drawer.

mothers day 2020

Mother's Day gift: what is mom happy about?

Apart from flowers and chocolates - what gift is mom really happy about? Probably the simplest answer to this question is a gift set of attention and time.

mothers day 2020

Pay a visit to your mother

You haven't visited your mother or your parents in a while? Then drive past, bring a (homemade) cake and just take some time. Mums are particularly happy about the visit of their adult children, especially if you rarely see each other. Maybe you are also planning a visit to Grandma?

mothers day 2020

Send a card to Mother's Day

If you live too far away, you should send a Mother's Day card in good time. A personalized little gesture that shows: I have not forgotten you (and this day) because you are important to me. If you have time, make an additional call. By the way, dads are also happy about a little care on Father's Day.

More ideas for a Mother's Day gift

Gives time for two

Also a nice gift idea: Pack mom in the car and drive her to a nice café or restaurant. For mother-daughter duos, the weekend is also suitable for a relaxing wellness trip or a short vacation with an overnight stay in a hotel, for which there might otherwise be hardly any time. Another idea: organize a photoshoot with mom - because such a photo will last forever - the perfect, personalized Mother's Day gift!

mothers day gift ideas

Personalized gift ideas

It is particularly cool if you then have the photo processed into a cup, a pillow, a cell phone cover, a lantern or a glass photo, possibly with an engraving. But of course, the photo also looks good in the display case. By the way: Something that can be personalized is ALWAYS a good idea. No matter what the occasion!

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