Ditch The Flash, It’s All About Minimalist Engagement Rings This Season

Minimalist jewellery is all the rage right now. In today's fast-paced world, a beautiful, simple engagement ring is much more suited for a couple on the move. Brides are stepping away from the large, flashy stones of the past in favour of an understated, effortless design.
One of the best parts about minimalist engagement rings is their resilience in the world of fashion. They never truly go out of style. You will wear your diamond with confidence through the years, no matter what the trendy style is at that time.
minimalist wedding rings

Flash Isn’t For Everyone

Not all women want a flashy engagement ring that is meant to make a statement. There are those who go for a classic, minimalist style that are easier to wear. There is a growing trend towards simplifying or, to be exact, decluttering, and it is spilling over even on the world of wedding fashion. Couples are starting to pick engagement rings that are simpler and understated, more aware that choosing elegant smaller stones and arranging them in your own style can easily have as much impact as a single larger diamond. To have more ideas on how these rings look, you can check out jewellery stores Parramatta minimalist couples go for. 

Less Can Certainly Mean More

minimalist wedding rings

Sometimes, less is more in the world of engagement rings. If you're wanting something simple but really don’t want to sacrifice uniqueness and style, the minimalist route is probably right for you. Choosing a subtle band and bright, petite stones can be an excellent way to express your declaration of love to your partner. From a thin band adorned with brilliant solitaires to more original cuts and even colours, you can get that awe-inducing shine that is sure to last a lifetime. These designs are the custom made engagement rings Sydney ladies love.

Fashionable And Simple

minimalist wedding rings

There is a saying that goes, “Don’t reinvent the wheel.” Well, this has never been more true than right now in wedding fashion. People are gravitating towards more streamlined processes in general in today's world. While in days of old you would receive your paycheck in an envelope, nowadays the majority of people go for direct deposit. Where there used to be CD’s, now all that you need is your phone. Things are just more elegant and trim in their design across the board. The same is true of beautifully designed minimalist engagement rings, and you can incorporate into the style some of those exquisite emerald gems for sale. You’ll certainly wow your friends with a delicate, intricate design that doesn't take away from the most important factor, you! 

Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better

minimalist wedding rings

Some rings are just gaudy and take away from the overall design with massive stones and can be way too loud for everyday life. Sure everyone will know you and your partner spent a mint on your rock, but for some people that simply isn't the point. After all, this isn’t the 80’s when comically large, costume style jewellery ruled the day. These are different times altogether, times wherein people appreciate the understated, times where people look for the finer details in simplicity. People want to find a reason to look, not be slapped in the face with it. So when you are looking for that perfect band to celebrate your act of love, make sure to take a dive into the world of minimalist engagement rings, you may be surprised at what you find!

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