Tips for the Perfect Wedding Guest Outfit

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You are invited to a wedding - but what are you wearing to be an attracting wedding guest? I will try to give you some tips for the perfect dress as a guest.

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Every wedding guest should take care of certain basic rules of clothing. So that women should not look more glamorous than the bride and men make the right choice, I have some tips for you. You can not cope with the dress code on the invitation card? We help you to solve the dress code puzzles!

mini dress-wedding dress-green dress

Clothes for women guests at the wedding

The first rule: clothes in the colour of the wedding dress is taboo! Make sure that you do not look more glamorous than the bride herself. She is the woman who is in focus that day! Do not you steal the show, so do not use excessive jewellery or too extravagant dress.
If your dress has a luscious neckline: In the church, you should not show a deep cleavage. Take a jacket or a stole, so you do not embarrass yourself.  White, however, is taboo as colour. Otherwise, you have a free choice between all the beautiful clothes and cuts.

My tip: no fan of the flowing dress? A sheath dress or a trouser suit for women or even jumpsuit are also okay - but important here as well as the colour. In any case any white, cream and ivory.

Even male wedding guests are faced with the decision - wedding suit or tuxedo, which colour has the scratch or a white shirt to jeans? The wedding attire for the man is also very diverse. Here it helps to discuss with grooms and groomsmen. Are they all wearing tuxedos,  black and white? Or is the wedding casual and slightly more open in the colour choice of suit and tie? Here only the demand helps.

What does the dress code for the wedding mean?

On the invitation is Black Tie or Casual? The dress code is an important criterion, especially for brides and wedding photographers. Because they are the ones who want beautiful wedding portraits, which they look back happily for a lifetime. That everyone is uniformly dressed, contributes to a festive mood and looks good on photos.

My tip: Quality always pays off. A suit that fits perfectly and a nice, short dress is not only appropriate as a guest at a wedding, but you can also celebrate without worrying too much about the clothes. After consultation with the bridal couple, the purchase of your perfect wedding outfit is no longer an obstacle.
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