Active Monday 18 - It' s All About Walking - Indoor & Outdoor Walking

Benefits of walking

Hi my dears. Today at 18th Active Monday week, I would like to talk about walking. I have a long long blog post about the benefits of walking and all you need to know. Enjoy it :)

All About Walking Indoor And Outdoor

Do we suffer muscle loss due to walking?

Do I lose muscle if I walk too much or do too much cardio? This is a question that active people ask quite often. In addition to what the walk brings to our health, burning fat, preventing weight gain and doing it especially in the open air provides most people with a significant part of their weekly activity. Women need strong muscles more than ever, especially in older age.
 The walking pace where you can burn the best fat is medium pace. The extremely fast pace now turns into a muscle-building workout, which means plus figures on the scale. Our legs work the most during walking, but now we know that strengthening leg muscles accelerates our fat burning. Leg muscles make up 60% of the muscles in the body. In addition, 600 muscles in the body have been worked out while the legs are working. Of course, as with everything, overdoing in sports brings more harm than good. Of course, if you do not walk enough for 3 or 4 hours a day, your muscle mass will be weak. The healthiest is to walk 1 or 2 hours regularly every day and do strength exercises between 2 and 4 days a week. There is a fact known by experience that walking is fine, but it does not provide regional tightening and shaping by itself. But let's put this blame on losing muscle. Because our most loyal friend in fat burning does not deserve this. The main muscle losing is fast and unhealthy diets. If we consistently make shock diets to lose weight quickly, after a while, the metabolism will slow down and we will not lose weight. It is not even possible to lose 1 kilogram of muscle mass per week with unhealthy diets. Plus, a poor diet in terms of protein also causes us to lose muscle. Assuming that the average woman needs 1800 calories a day, it is also important where these calories come from. If 1800 calories come from refined foods and carbohydrates, this will return to us with increased fat and loss of muscle, protein-weighted, vegetables and healthy carbohydrates, but strong muscles and fat loss. So let's not fool ourselves and attack the dough and prepackaged foods because I am already getting 1500 calories. While a normal person needs 0.8 grams of protein per 1 kg, this amount increases in those who do sports. Since the sites where we generally find information about fat burning are the sites of bodybuilders, muscle loss, muscle gain, nutrition are explained according to bodybuilding.

What are the benefits of walking our body for 30 minutes a day?

Walking is the easiest thing a person can do, the least risk of injury and the cheapest activity. Often you have also read articles that mention that we have to walk 30 minutes every day. Let me clarify a subject that is mostly misunderstood. A common thought is enough thought if I move 30 minutes a day. In order to see the benefits of walking for 30 minutes a day, this should be a walk you do apart from your daily activities. During the day, we reach a certain number of steps while doing work, but we need to take extra time to get the physical benefit.

So why 30 minutes? This time period is a period determined by various researches. In terms of its benefits, walking:
Ø  Provides calorie burning, so fat accumulation in the body is prevented.
Ø  Protects the heart. It is very useful for the heart, which is the most important organ of the body.
Ø  Protects the muscles.
Ø  Provides oxygen to the brain.
Ø  Releases Happiness Hormone.
However, if you are trying to lose weight, it is useful to increase this period. You can start with short periods and increase the duration as your condition increases.

Things to Watch Out for Outdoor Walks

What you should wear in nature walks:

 First of all, it will be enough to choose comfortable clothes from breathable fabrics. Depending on the season, this is a walking trousers made of thin or thicker fabric, short or long-sleeved cotton t-shirt, raincoat in case of rain possibility, shoes suitable for hiking. It is not a bad idea to take spare socks and t-shirts in case you sweat or get wet :)

How Should Be the Shoes Suitable for Hiking?

In the afternoon, you should go to buy the shoes you will wear during the nature walks when the feet are the most swollen. Feet will swell during a long walk. If you take the socks that you will wear walking shoes, you will prevent the socks from coming thin or thick. You can choose a model that is short or ankle. Good walking shoes, made of leather or synthetic leather, should be waterproof and breathable. Today, it is possible to find shoes (mountainous, rocky, right angle, etc.) according to the characteristics of the place you will walk.

What to Take With You in Trekking?

 If you are going for a long walk, it will be quite practical to carry a backpack. If you say what should be in it:
Water: It is the water that should be in your bag in the first place. This is how you can compensate for the fluid you will lose while walking.
 Map: If it is going to be a long walk and you are in an area that you do not know very well, you should have a map. Many phones now have internet, but you have to take the possibility of not picking up or connecting to the internet in woodland areas and nature.
Phone: The phone must be with you for emergencies.
Camera: Now beautiful pictures are taken with phones, so the camera is not a must. But if you say I want to shoot more professionally, you can also buy your camera.
Band-Aids: In order to avoid injury in nature, band-aids are the first things you should take. There may also be mini first aid kits designed for bags. Glasses: If you are someone who uses glasses for summer and winter, you will definitely need sunglasses in nature. Hat: The hat is a good helper for those who are uncomfortable with the sun, and if you are going to walk in cold weather, you can wear a suitable hat for the season. Make sure that it is a sweat-proof material. Wipes: Always have paper and wet wipes with you.

Walking At Home

If you do not have the opportunity to walk outdoors, you can walk at home with music or by opening a walking exercise video on youtube. It is possible to access many programs that combine walking with various exercises and are easy to apply at home.
People who do amateur sports at home or to stay fit do not need to be afraid of walking. Since the upper part of the body will work at the walk with sticks, which we call Nordic Walking, we have shot two birds with a stone. Let's walk, stay healthy, stay fit.
And of course I have a walk workout for home. 

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