Hairdresser "under quarantine" -Why styling is so important ?

Hardly any relaxation of the Corona crisis was longed for by so many people as the opening of the barbershops. The companies are now being stormed by the customers and can hardly keep up with the work. We will see in this article how to do this under the strict hygiene guidelines and why proper styling is so important in times of crisis.
Hairdressers had to wait many weeks before politics announced that they could reopen their businesses in different countries. However, under clearly different conditions: Mask is mandatory, both for the hairdresser and the customer, only a limited number of customers may be operated at the same time.
But having a good hairstyle is especially important for people in times of crisis. Because it helps us to maintain a bit of normalcy even in difficult times.

hair style at corona time

Visiting the hairdresser during the Corona period: what should be considered?

These corona rules now apply to the hairdresser

These arrangements include, among other things, that the nationwide mask requirement (for customers and employees) and a safety distance of 1.50 meters also apply in the salon. In addition, hairdressers are requested to provide their customers with disinfectants for cleaning their hands in the entrance area.

You can read about the additional rules to be followed and how your visit to the hairdresser becomes a little beauty break despite the corona crisis.

Do I have to make an appointment in the hairdressing salon?

The rule: If you want a new hairstyle, you have to make an appointment by phone or digital in most salons - going to the hairdresser spontaneously will be difficult in the near future. Because even if so-called 'walk-in appointments' are not prohibited, they are not recommended as a standard of protection in hairdressing salons.

In addition, every customer is obliged to store their contact details such as name, telephone number or email in the salon so that the hairdresser can document the infection chain in the event of a corona. Likewise, no accompanying persons are allowed to come to the appointment, only small children or the accompaniment of older and handicapped customers are allowed.

The positive thing about it: as soon as the appointment is set, the anticipation for a fresh, new hairstyle increases. The subsequent visit to your favourite salon is all the more fun - despite the somewhat unusual process.

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