How To Organize Your Jewellery At Home And By Travelling

organize your jewellery

Countless neck laces thrown together in a bowll, with rings distributed in various bowls - when it comes to jewelry, things can become very chaotic. Some order could be so easy.

Here some useful tips about how to organize your jewellery

Ikea offers special jewelry inserts for the top stores for its Pax system. If a closet update is out of the question, a larger box will do. But there must be order there too.

organize jewellery
Ikea pax system

However, laces should hang on a jewellery holder so as not to knot. So that there is no need to unravel when traveling, it can be transported in small jewelry bags. Before doing this, thread the lace through a paper straw and close it. Then roll up the straw and place it in the sack - this is how every chain arrives at its destination without a knot.

organize your jewellery

Protection against fading Caution is advised with all jewelry with amethyst, rose quartz or citrine. If these stones are left in the blazing sun for a long time, they can fade. Amber and coral can become brittle and should also be kept in a closed container. Stone jewelry should not be in contact with other things, as hard gemstones could scratch metal. To prevent tarnishing of the silver jewelry, it can be wrapped in a cotton cloth. It is even better protected from oxidation in airtight plastic bags. After wearing jewelry, sweat and dirt should be removed with a lint-free cotton cloth.

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