5 Styling Secrets Of French Women-Why They Are Always Stylish?

When it comes to fashion and beauty, the French women are absolute role models, because everything they wear looks elegant and stylish. Here you can find out which styling secrets are hidden behind the well-known "French Chic" and what defines French style ...

 french women styling

When it comes to fashion, French women stick to the motto "less is more". Wild color combinations and prints, eye-catching trend items or overloaded make-up cannot be found among the stylish fashionistas. Instead, they rely on unexcited looks that are elegantly styled without much effort and at the same time so wonderfully natural. Good basics, high-quality materials and timeless classics can be found in the wardrobes of fashion-conscious women from France. No matter which trip we are going on in terms of trend and style, we are simply "en amour" with the unmistakable style of the French women, which hardly anyone else can match. But cracking the style code is not that easy, which is why we lay in wait and found out the most important fashion secrets of the French ladies - we will tell you now which ones they are!

1. French women stay true to their style

One of the most important principles of the stylish French women is to stay true to their own style, so that they rarely make trips to crazy fashion worlds. They choose trendy parts and they are very careful. A blouse with a zebra pattern, a bag with fringes and pearls or sunglasses in poison green find their way into the wardrobes of the fashion experts and are combined with timeless, high-quality items of clothing without being too flashy. Trends that the style icons know that firstly do not suit them or secondly are only of short duration, they ignore. The fashionistas prefer to wear pieces that are independent of the season and mood and that they can wear at any time of the year and for any occasion. An elegant trench coat, for example, can be combined with a light summer dress in summer and with a thick sweater and marlene trousers in spring or autumn.

 french women style secrets

2. French women rely on good basics

If we had to name one thing that defines French fashion style, we would answer: good basics. The French know how to make an outfit look chic and elegant without spending hours on styling, because most of their wardrobe consists of simple basics that they can combine in many ways. Well-fitting jeans, a high-quality T-shirt, a nice shirt and a little black dress are among the many great items of clothing that make French chic. With the help of the simple parts and a few statement pieces, such as a print blouse or a nifty bag, the fashion experts manage to create exciting looks without appearing to have given too much thought ...

3. French women play with contrasts

If we take a closer look at the looks of our favorite fashionistas, it becomes clear that they are particularly good at one thing: playing with contrasts. The French women combine an elegant silk blouse and an expensive designer bag with rough ripped jeans, with an elegant cocktail dress, they wear sneakers and with a casual T-shirt and mini skirt they style red lips and exciting heeled shoes - true to the motto "opposites attract ". Our neighbors surprise us again and again with unusual combinations that still always look stylish and absolutely skilful, which is why we definitely want to try the style mix!

 french women fashion

4. French women invest in high quality bags and accessories

One of the French women’s secret weapons: high-quality bags and timelessly beautiful accessories! With the help of the classic pieces, they upgrade every outfit, no matter how simple, and make a real wow appearance. The fashionistas prefer to invest in bags that they can wear forever and that do not go out of style. Real classics, such as an elegant black Chanel bag, a crossbody model by Saint Laurent or a Kelly bag by Hérmes can be found in many bag collections of the style icons that we adore with hearts in the eyes. When it comes to accessories, too, they prefer to shop high-quality pieces: elegant sunglasses, hair accessories or a silk scarf are among the key pieces of French chic that appear in both the summer and winter looks of trendsetters ...

 french women styling

5. French women love naturalness

The French women reveal their love of naturalness both in terms of beauty and in their outfits. They do without a lot of make-up and only use a few beauty tools, such as an eyebrow gel to bring the short hairs into shape, a volume-giving mascara for long lashes or a en red lipstick to conjure up sensual lips. In terms of fashion, the naturalness is noticeable on the one hand in the choice of fabrics, because the fashionistas love natural materials such as linen, cotton or canvas and on the other hand in the fact that they show themselves as they are and like their bodies without having to do anything intended to work, to set the scene!

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