Alicia Key's No-Make Up Beauty Secrets - Her Skin Care Routine

Alicia Keys finally reveals her beauty secret!

Alicia Keys no make up

Since Alicia Keys wears little or no make-up any more, we wonder what she does for her perfect skin. Now the singer shares her beauty routine with us!
In 2016, Alicia Keys dared a radical new beginning: she stopped wearing make-up. Regardless of whether it was a red carpet or a photoshoot - she came with no make-up. In the meantime, the singer wears a little eyeliner or mascara every now and then, but she has stayed true to the core message of the "No Makeup Movement": Make-up should be fun and not compulsory!

We're all with you there, Alicia. But tell me, how do you do that with your perfect skin?
Now you would think that Keys cares for her skin with various serums, tinctures and toners that we cannot even dream of affording. But that's not the case! Because the singer is an honest, down-to-earth soul. And so her beauty routine only consists of 3 steps: cleaning, toner & moisturizing care. Although you shouldn't ignore the most important ingredient for your natural glow: water! Before her make-up removal routine, she drinks a large glass of it: "Water is the most important secret ingredient! It sounds so simple, but it's so true."

Alicia Keys no make up


Her skin is prone to acne, which is why she can only use products that have a medically proven effect or those that consist of a particularly small number of natural ingredients. When cleaning, she uses the latter: Her cleanser is based on coconut oil and contains essential oils.


The singer also chooses natural ingredients for the toner. Good for acne-prone skin: tea tree oil! Because the essential oil has anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effects.

Alicia Keys no make up


Since her skin needs a lot of moisture, she uses two different lotions. One for a special kick of freshness and the other for its fragrance. She likes to cover up the sulfur odour of another product, which she only uses when blackheads appear: a strong pimple tincture.

... but beauty products or not - one thing is most important to Keys: That she can relax with all this. So her hottest tip: Celebrate Me-Time with tea, incense sticks, scented candles, music and everything that makes you happy!

We will remember!

What is your opinion about #nomakeupmovement ? I am also a fan of this movement and I am using only kajal, mascara and lipstick for years. I have no skin problems and my face look clean every time. But I think this is a personal decision, every woman should decide if she will use makeup or no.

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