Decorating Your Home - Spring Vases With Flower Arrangements

Decorating vases: 

Which vase for which flower?

I suggest you buy three classics. A tall floor vase, a medium-height cubic vase, and one with a narrow neck. You should be careful with medium-high vases with a very large openings. They look great in the store, but the flowers quickly disappear from them.


Vases really aren't any basic equipment. For example glass jars of different heights and shapes. You can't have enough of these as basics. But eccentric, exciting vases are also part of a perfect spring decoration. They are very good for setting accents.

What to do with single, short or long-stemmed flowers?

A beautiful vase adds even more value to flowers. You should therefore always think of flowers and vases together and see them as a separate arrangement. Since there are no basic rules, you can try out for yourself what fits together and what you personally like.


If you love loose flowers, just grab the tonic bottles from the last Sun Downer and mix them up with red San Bitters bottles. Peel off the labels under warm water and place the bottles full of water on the dining table, either all in one spot or in a line across the table. Now mix short- and long-stemmed flowers, simply distribute them among the small bottles. That looks beautiful.

What do we have to pay attention to if you want to combine several vases?

Actually nothing.  Arrangements with several vases are really very decorative. You should be sure that the vases belong to a color family. For example, mix different shades of green together, it looks very harmonious. But also very different vases can look great together.

What do we have to pay attention to if you want to combine different flowers?

You should combine instinct and simply have the courage to try things out. Different varieties with different colors - the spirit of combination is inexhaustible. What's supposed to go wrong? You should also advise trying natural and unusual strains. But a bouquet of colorful tulips loosely in a vase also looks great. In a clear glass vase, extra leaves, branches, or petals look exciting underwater. Just like colorful ribbons tied around the stems of bouquets. You just have to pay attention to the small details.

Amaryllis, roses, tulips - what's the best way to present the classic spring flowers?

The amaryllis needs space, so a tall floor vase is great to give it the presence it deserves. A little tip: Amaryllis has small silver skins underneath the flower, which should normally be removed by the florist, but this does not always happen. If they are still there, simply pluck them off carefully with your fingers, as they will quickly turn brown and rob the flower of its radiance.


Roses need a lot of water, so they need a big enough vase. Tulips, on the other hand, grow and fade faster the more water they have. The wilting of cut flowers reflects the transience of life. Wide-open tulips and petals surrounding the vase have their own unique charm.

What should be a beautiful DIY floral arrangement for every day?

Adding a few drops of standard food coloring helps to prevent cloudy water. But really only a few, then the water gets a touch of color and looks much more appealing. And if there isn't a vase of the right size in the house, then I suggest putting the flowers in a suitable container, such as a bucket. This in turn comes in a beautiful zinc bucket or a decorative terracotta container. This is a pretty good trick.


What always looks great is a large bouquet of white lilies. However, shorten them to about 30 cm, which is an interesting effect, since the lilies are only known to have long stems. Arranged in an antique bowl, it looks really great and doesn't need anything else.

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