How Color and Light Should Be in Decoration?



How color and light should be in decoration? While decorating, it is desired to create a visual effect in our living spaces. One of the ways to create such an effect is to use the right light. The arrival direction of the light, the capacity to illuminate the room will be important in terms of the desired effect in the area. When personal preferences come into play during the use of light, there will be a different outcome for everyone. The processes required to create a bright area or a dim environment are different from each other.

In this article, I will explain the importance of color and light in decoration.

Light Is An Important Factor In Decoration

Light is an important factor in decoration and its contribution to the ambiance to be created in the environment is very high. Colors, on the other hand, can activate our emotional world. For this reason, the colors we prefer are a reflection of our personality.

The Effects Of Colors On Human Psychology

The effects of colors on human psychology are a scientific fact. Warm colors or cold colors are known to cause different emotional transitions and desires. The effect to be captured in color preferences such as yellow and orange, which are among the warm colors, will also be energizing. While red has an invigorating effect, it also draws attention with its activating feature. When choosing a color in decoration, suitability for the usage area is also important.

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The color preferences to be chosen for the living room are calmer and softer tones. Wet sand beige or bone-colored tones are effective both in creating a calm environment and in capturing the feeling of light. In addition, when it comes to children's rooms, pink or blue tones are preferred. Blue creates a sense of calm and order, while pink creates a relaxing effect in the room for girls.

Green tones are representative of peace and allow a noble atmosphere to be captured by the right choice of light and using contrast accessories. Among the tones to be used with green, accessories such as mustard yellow, pillowcases or carpets can be effective in creating an impressive atmosphere in the room. When certain colors are to be preferred, it may be more appropriate to use them in a prominent part of the room. One such color is red. Red is one of the colors that have an appetizing feature.

When we want to achieve a natural effect in our homes, turning to the colors of nature and being inspired by it allows us to catch peace. When earthy tones, yellows, and greens are combined well, they will whisper the breath of nature to our living spaces.

While colors such as black represent nobility, they can create a sense of seriousness and sometimes gloom. A nice effect can be achieved when these colors are used with contrasting colors such as white. When it comes to light, soft sunlight from the side can be enough to create an impressive atmosphere in the room. Environments with plenty of light in living spaces give energy. It creates the opportunity for a healthy mood by creating the joy of life.

It is possible to capture different effects in rooms by making use of unnatural sources. For this, artificial lighting will be a savior. Depending on the light temperature to be used, it is possible to benefit from options such as yellow light and white light.

When we decide to decorate, we should make our color choices based on daylight. Since we have the chance to illuminate various points of the house with decorative floor lamps, we can use them depending on the atmosphere we want to capture inside.

The yellow light will make our work easier in a romantic environment. In our white light preferences, it is possible to capture more sterile areas. It is possible to achieve different effects when the color choice is made correctly in decoration. The subject of Light in Decoration is very important as it will allow the emotional transitions to be captured in the environment. As you see color and light in decoration can make big changes in our homes.

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