Surprise Ways to Reduce Wrinkles


Surprise Ways to Reduce Wrinkles

If you want your wrinkles to be reduced and your skin to look younger, first of all, you should pay attention to the basic procedures and not neglect them. The main points you should pay attention to are:

  • Protect yourself from the sun
  • Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen
  • Wear clothes that can protect yourself from the sun
  • Absolutely do not smoke
  • Use moisturizer regularly
In this article, we talk about other effective ways you can apply to eliminate wrinkles.

Sleep on your back

While you sleep at night, sleep lines appear on your face caused by the pillow or the sheet. Sleeping on your side causes wrinkles on your cheeks and chin while sleeping on your side causes your brows to stay up.

Consume More Salmon

Salmon (cold-water fish such as salmon) contains important proteins and omega-3 fatty acids, which are the building blocks of the skin. According to scientists working on the subject, the benefits of omega-3 essential fatty acids to the skin are:

  • It nourishes the skin
  • It keeps the skin plump
  • It keeps the skin young
  • It can minimize wrinkles

Don't Squint When Looking Close Use Reading Glasses

Repetitive facial expressions overwork your facial muscles and cause permanent grooves in the lower layer of the skin. After a while, these grooves can become wrinkles and settle on the skin. Considering this situation, try not to squint as much as possible. Use reading glasses if you think you need them. Be sure to use good-quality sunglasses. Thus, you can prevent the damage that the sun can cause around your eyes and you will not squint.

Use Creams Containing Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA)

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) ensure that dead cells in your skin are removed from the upper surface. Thus, it leads to the reduction of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles on the surface, especially around the eyes. Using stronger forms of AHAs can trigger the skin's collagen production mechanism. Collagen is a protein that gives firmness and strength to the skin. It is an effective agent for removing wrinkles.

The downside to using AHA is that it makes your skin more sensitive to the sun. That's why you should use sunscreen regularly every day.

Don't Overdo It When Washing Your Face

Tap water removes the moisture and protective natural oil layer on your skin from your face. Washing the face too often may mean removing the natural layer that protects the face from the skin. Instead of cleaning your skin with water, choose to use a moisturizing soap or cleanser in the form of a cream.

Use a Cream Containing Vitamin C

According to scientific results, it has been found that creams containing vitamin C support the skin's collagen production. Vitamin C protects your skin from damage by UVA and UVB rays. Thus, you can prevent the formation of redness, dark spots, or uneven skin tone on your skin.

Soy Is Good For Your Skin

Soy can be your skin's friend and protect it. Scientists working on the subject show that soy, applied to the skin or taken as a supplement, protects the skin from sun damage. It is not soy that is consumed in the food form mentioned here. Soya components taken as supplements are meant.

Soy improves the structure of your skin, maintains its firmness, and can even out your skin tone.

Prefer Cocoa Instead of Coffee

Cocoa is a delicious wrinkle reducer. In the latest research, 2 different antioxidants found in abundance in the composition of cocoa have been identified. These antioxidants are "epicatechin" and "catechin". The main benefits of catechin and epicatechin for your skin are:

  • Reduces sun damage
  • It provides better blood flow to skin cells
  • It prevents the moisture of the skin from getting away and locks the moisture into the skin
  • It makes the skin appear smoother
  • The suggestions in the article above are effective methods to remove wrinkles
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