11 Beauty Secrets of Smart Women


11 Beauty Secrets of Smart Women

There are hundreds of beauty tricks circulating on the internet. But not all of them deliver on their promises. We wanted to share with you 11 beauty secrets of smart women that really work about beauty. Here are a few beauty tricks that can all be done with simple and readily available ingredients.

Get rid of hair oil with baby powder

Do you have oily scalp but no time to wash your hair? No problem! Just take some baby powder and pour it on an old toothbrush. Now go over the roots and blow dry for 20 seconds. You will see that all the oily appearance has disappeared.

Refresh hair dye

The roots of your hair have grown visibly, but don't you have time to go to the hairdresser right now? No problem! With a brown or black eyeshadow (applied with a damp brush), color differences can be hidden very quickly. Unfortunately, it only works on dark hair. However, if you want to buy ready-made, you can camouflage the damaged hair roots with keratin powders, which are sold in all colors.

Fast Beach Waves

Big waves in hair are very fashionable this summer. And with this trick, you can create beautiful beach waves in your hair in no time: depending on the size of the wave you want, braid your hair, spray with a heat spray and go over it several times with the tongs. Now all you have to do is let the hair cool a bit, untwist the braid or plaits and voila your daily beach wave look is ready. You can fix it with some hairspray for longer use.

Hair conditioner instead of shaving foam

Need to shave your legs urgently but don't have shaving cream on hand? No need to despair! With conditioner, you can get rid of this hair growth problem in the same easy and quick way. Nice side effect: velvety skin.

Against puffy eyes

Not only will expensive creams help against puffy eyes, but two moist green or black tea bags (chilled of course!) or two cucumber slices provide quick care. A waiting time of about 5 minutes is sufficient for a more well-groomed appearance.


Increasing the effect of eyeliner

Here's a really hot trick for effective eyeliner: Hold your eyeliner on a lighter for about 2 seconds at a distance of 5 cm. Now eyeliner can be applied very smoothly with a strong color.

Let the perfumes smell for a long time

Does your favorite perfume evaporate just a few hours after being sprayed? It'll last much longer with this simple trick: Massage some Vaseline or a scented cream into the areas of your skin where you'll apply your scent later.

Against make-up stains on clothes

Was your make-up worth your white dress? Fortunately, unsightly make-up stains can be quickly removed with a little shaving foam. Leave a piece of foam to act for about 15 minutes and then rub it off with a damp microfiber cloth.

Don't throw away mascara right away

Is your mascara dry? Don't throw it away! You can get it functional again in no time with this beauty hack: Fill a glass with hot water, then put the mascara in it and wait for about 5 minutes. When you remove the mascara, the dry residue melts and it becomes easy to brush the mascara again.

French manicure

Save yourself the trip to the nail salon with this beauty trick: All you need is a wide elastic or adhesive tape. Simply place the tape over the nail, leaving a thin strip free on the front. You can now paint it white (or any other color of your choice). Finally, very carefully remove the tape and apply varnish.

Bright red for thin lips

In fact, women with thin lips should avoid bright red tones when choosing lipstick, as they make the lips look narrower. However, you can override this rule with the following beauty trick from makeup artists: Lightly cover the lip line with concealer beforehand and draw a border from the outside of the line with a lip liner. This means that the lip lines look forward and appear fuller at the same time. Then you can apply the bright red lipstick as usual. 

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