How To Trim Your Hair In 4 Easy Steps

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Hair peeping out from a bit of fringe, they say, looks sexy. But bang-induced blindness isn’t. Then again, when it comes to hair length different people have different preferences.

 A lot of people feel that long hair is the best style for a woman. It is precisely for this reason that many women hold on to their long tresses. Be that as it may, the majority of women with long hair are obstinate about wearing it long, which is good, so long as the hair is healthy.

However, the longer your hair, the more it has been exposed to the tortures you put it through on a daily basis – wind, sun, harsh shampoos, pony-tail holders, blow-drying, smog, pillows, and poor diet. All these take a toll on your hair. This is why, even if it's healthy-looking, long hair must be trimmed. This means cutting the dead hairs at the bottom as it gives your hair a new look. Ideally, you should get your hair trimmed every four to five weeks. Then again, if you aren’t ready for a full haircut, you will have to take things into your own hands. Trimming your own hair will keep it looking fresh between salon visits.

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Step by step instructions to trim your hair


1. First of all, spray your hair with a little water. This is to make them wet.

2. Next take hold of around 10-13 sections of hair and clip the rest with a clip over the head.

3. With two fingers take hold of the hair from below what is required to be trimmed and cut the portion of the hair that is under the finger.

4. Again take hold of another section that has to be snipped and cut them with the length that you had snipped before.

Helpful hints to trim your hair


1. Always insist on a sharp scissor, for trimming your hair. The blunt ones will cause damage and actually result in more splitting.

2. When getting a haircut, it is good to have a double-sided mirror to see the back of your head.

3. Even if you do not find slip ends, it is better to trim your hair. You can easily detect splits ends on straight hair than textured hair.


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