Active Monday - 5000 Steps At Home Workout & Yogurt Lemmon Drink


Hello to everyone. Today, I want to add a workout that can be easily done at home and will allow you to take 5000 steps to Active Monday readers. If you live in a very rainy country like me or if your place is very hot, I suggest you exercise at home. 
 I hope you like the yogurt lemon drink recipe, which is very suitable for the summer season. It is an extremely light and refreshing drink.

Yogurt Lemmon Drink


2 part (s) of water
1 part (s) of natural yogurt
Lemon juice, to taste


Take two parts of water and mix with one part of natural yoghurt until you get a frothy drink. Possibly some fresh lemon juice with it.
Make sure the ingredients are at room temperature.

This basic lassi mixture can be refined salty or sweet.

5000 Steps At Home Workout


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