A Self-Made Millionaire Anna Delvey

 A Tv Show called Inventing Anna was recently released on Netflix, and suddenly the whole world learned the story of the beautiful IT girl Anna Delvey (real name Anna Sorokin). Self-made millionaire Anna managed to fool even the most important bankers in New York.


A Self-Made Princess Anna Delvey

Coming from Germany to New York, Anna, a small Russian-born woman in her twenties, claims to be the daughter of a noble father and falls like a bombshell in New York society. She chooses the most expensive building to establish a center called the Anna Delvey Foundation and tries to find a loan.

Meanwhile, he gets close to the important names of New York high society, wears the most expensive clothes, drinks the most expensive champagne, and stays in the most luxurious hotels. However, no one knows the source of this wealth. Eventually, the other side of the coin slowly begins to appear and those around Anna realize that she is not the person she is talking about and that they have been deceived or deceived.

Released after being caught, prosecuted, and jailed for a while, Anna seems to have returned to her former life of luxury, even though she is in danger of being deported after her visa expires. Those who follow the posts on the Instagram account will also notice this.

Anna Delvey Court Fashion

While the trials were going on, Anna refused to wear the clothes given to the prisoners and she stated that she would not appear in court if she did not receive special clothes. The clothes she wears have found many followers on Anna Delvey court fashion Instagram account.

Beautiful actress Julia Garner performs successfully in the TV Show Inventing Anna. Anna also took a large amount of money from the producers of the series and paid off most of her debts.

Another important figure in the series is journalist Vivian. He meets with Anna for months in prison, pursues all those involved in the incident, and as a result, this storyline we are watching comes to light.

The interesting thing is that professional people with so much life experience are easily fooled by a young woman. A little tale of nobility, a little beauty, and cuteness, a few lies can turn people's heads so easily. If you haven't watched it yet, I would say don't miss Anna Delvey's story.

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