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I can not go to the movie very often as mother of 3 kids. I can not even watch regularly a tv show. However, from time to time it is pleasant to watch a good movie or series after the children are asleep. We use Netflix and Amazon memberships to enjoy this arbitrary at home. I can organize my time better with that and I can look a half sequence and take a break for another day, or I can watch more episodes. This is really a feeling of freedom and luxury.
Today I want to tell you about my favorite series of Netflix .


netflix-pablo escobar-tv show

I watched the Narcos sequence describing the life of the Colombian drug mafia's famous name Pablo Escobar. It was the most important feature of interest, to be a real life story. Despite the deaths of many people, his attachment to his family and children was an interesting contrast.


nancy botwin-netflix-tv show

After the death of her husband, Nancy Botwin, who was trying to keep her luxury life and raise her children, has started to sell marihuana. Her transformation from houswife and mother to a drug boss was very interresting.


netflix-tv show

İs there a life after death? İs it possible a comeback after death?OA  is a fantastic tv show that deals with things like death and life. young woman tries to commit suicide. She was missed for 7 years.  What did she lives in these 7 years? What secrets are there in her past? I could only watch the first episode of the show. The second part will soon be Netflix. I'm looking forward to.
İ think all 3 shows are not for little kids, so you have to be carefull with that.
İs there interresting tv shows that you are watching? I will be very happy to know.

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