All About Healing Crystals-Meaning & Usage


Natural stones and crystal stones are intense energy stores. Because of these properties, it is used in many fields. Due to its skin rejuvenation and healing properties, healing stones are used in the prevention and healing of many diseases. It is also used to increase energy, purify and cleanse from negative energy. Keeping natural and crystal stones with you as much as possible, in your bag, in your room, in your car, or in any corner of your home, especially in your bedrooms, will provide you with positive energy. In addition, meditators can benefit from natural stones during meditation. Natural stones always help people feel good.

Usage of Crystal Stones For Skin Care

Crystal stones are used in skincare as well as healing. Soak the crystal stone in water for a day and clean the skin with that water. It has a detox effect on the skin. The oiliness of the skin is balanced and it prevents the formation of blackheads. It has been proven that the skin is much healthier in skincare made using crystal stones. Quartz crystal is very effective in face yoga. In addition, facial massage with natural crystals accelerates blood circulation and triggers collagen production in that area. It helps to remove toxins. When skincare is applied with natural crystals, you will notice that the skin gains a healthy appearance in the long run.

How to Use Natural Crystals in Skin Care?

Deep and correct cleansing of the skin is among the priorities of skincare. For this, it is necessary to use cleansing products suitable for the skin type. The skin is affected by external factors extremely quickly and negatively. Especially polluted air wears out the skin of people who wear make-up much faster. The skin dries out and is particularly affected by the harmful rays of the sun. This causes premature aging. Natural stone, which is kept in water for a day, transfers its healing properties to water, and the skin that is cleaned with this water does not have an aging effect.

Benefits of Medicinal Stones

Crystal stones, called natural minerals, show a lot of similarities with human energy. Therefore, carrying crystal stones near you or in your bag causes you to store high energy. In addition, its healing properties are as effective as antidepressants, especially in cases of stress and depression. Especially in big cities, people who work in a busy schedule can benefit from natural and crystal stones.

 How to Benefit from Crystals in Energy Congestion in the Human Body?

There is energy congestion in certain parts of the body. This should be done periodically by making use of natural stone and natural crystals. In addition, proper and balanced nutrition helps to recover body energy. Utilizing crystals during massage helps to remove energy blockage. It also relaxes the body muscles, dilates the vessels. Utilizing crystals during meditation clears the chakras and makes them work more balanced. Using crystals at this stage has very successful results.

The Power of Chakra Stones

It is very important to use the right crystals for the chakras. The correct crystals for chakra work are:

Root Chakra

If you feel unhappy and have self-confidence problems, it indicates that your root chakra needs healing. If you are in a depressed mood and have trouble expressing yourself, we can say that your root chakra needs healing. For this, you should first make use of smoky quartz stone. Also, use a black crystal. As black collects negative energy, release yourself using the black crystal and then use the red crystal to rejuvenate and feel good. Black color often evokes negative energies. Therefore, purify the negative energy with the black stone and regain the positive energy with the red crystal. Also, if you carry smoky quartz with you, you will feel good and you will notice that your sense of confidence has improved.

Sacral Chakra Crystals

You feel in your bilateral relations that your sacral chakra needs to be healed. When you have trouble being creative in social and interpersonal relationships, when you do not enjoy anything you do in your daily life, this indicates that your Sacral chakra needs healing. The stone that should be used for this is the Sunstone. Sunstone has healing properties for the Sacral chakra. Also, the Sacral chakra is identical to the color orange. Therefore, choosing orange and light blue natural stones creates healing on your Sacral chakra. You feel alive and you will be strong and much more successful in your long-term business. Keeping the Sunstone in your bag or with you after the sacral chakra is activated will keep you healthy for a long time.

Solar Plexus Chakra

You feel that the Solar Plexus chakra needs to be activated when you have problems with self-confidence, when you are discouraged when you fear that you will be rejected, and when you lose the sense of belonging. It is an important crystalline Citrine stone for the Solar Plexus chakra. Its color is yellow and brown. It is associated with the color of the sun and the warmth it provides. Using crystals of this color activates the Solar Plexus chakra. At the same time, you feel good and much more positive. You establish healthy relationships and communications.

Heart Chakra

When you are feeling envious, jealous, lonely, and angry, your heart chakra definitely needs healing. The crystals you need to use for this can be especially pink crystals in green and pastel shades. Green and pink crystals interact with the heart chakra. The energy of green helps to maintain balance, especially in the heart area. You perceive your emotional needs more easily and you understand the other person better in your relationships. You get rid of your anger and you feel comfortable and purified.

Throat Chakra

In cases where the throat chakra needs to be healed, the person often has a problem of self-expression and you feel that your will is broken. Your throat chakra definitely needs to be healed when you are experiencing unhappiness. The stone that will assist you in healing the throat chakra should be dark blue crystal stones. Lapis, Aquamarine has a healing effect on your throat chakra. With the healing of the throat chakra, you will make yourself a patient, positive person who breaks negative patterns, keeps anger under control and is positive. It also helps you cope with your pain and sadness.

Eye Chakra

When you find yourself emotionally bad, sad, negative, or having trouble concentrating or concentrating, it indicates that your eye chakras definitely need healing. The crystals you should use for this are dark blue crystals. Lapis is one of the crystals you can use for eye chakra healing. Lapis, in the color of indigo, helps you provide your own introspection. It opens your consciousness and makes you feel good. It is more stimulating and helps you overcome the complexity in your relationships.

Crown Chakra

Situations, where the crown chakra is effective, are usually experienced in spirituality and faith. When you feel depressed and worthless, lost and aimless, the activation of the crown chakra needs to be healed. In this regard, running the amethyst top chakra also helps you. In addition, a second color is white. White crystals strengthen your intuition. It activates your imagination, you feel more noble and self-confident. You try to enjoy the many things you do and you become very energetic. When you work the crown chakra, you feel renewed.

Are Healing Stones Used During Pregnancy?

It is known that the use of healing stones during pregnancy is not inconvenient, and it is known that many stones eliminate the problems experienced during pregnancy. Stones have a positive and healing effect during pregnancy as well as in every period. Especially, the mood disorders experienced during the pregnancy period of amethyst stone help to balance the emotional state caused by hormones. However, it is known to facilitate childbirth in women who have had a normal delivery. In addition, the imbalance of blood pressure, which is frequently encountered during pregnancy, is controlled with healing stones. It is known to protect the veins and prevent the formation of abdominal cracks. Moonstone, one of the cute and decorative stones, is one of the stones that shine and provide emotional balance. It is also known as the luck stone. It is known to protect people with low stars against the evil eye. It also has a positive effect on hormones. It helps expectant mothers who want to have children and have problems with ovulation to conceive. It is also effective in passing the difficult pregnancy period comfortably. It also prevents the formation of troublesome situations such as hot flashes caused by hormonal problems experienced during menopause. Another natural stone that makes expectant mothers feel good during pregnancy is the zircon stone. Zircon relaxes the body. It relaxes the muscles and provides a comfortable sleep. In addition, it keeps hypertension under control. This stone, which is effective on hormones, ensures a comfortable pregnancy period.

Diseases That Natural Stones Heal

In addition to the decorative appearance of the stones, their healing properties are one of the oldest and most effective methods. Getting to know the stones closely is very important for healing. Effective natural stones used in the healing of diseases are;


Diamond is one of the most precious stones, both materially and spiritually. Diamond is also known as the stone of love. The use of diamonds, especially in wedding rings, reinforces love. When used as diamond jewelry, it is said to give a person self-confidence and courage.


Sapphire is close to red, as well as green, pink, black. Sapphire is one of the most effective and healing stones, especially in depressive situations and emotional traumas. It is also called the Sky Ruby stone.


It is known that ruby ​​is one of the stones that are very effective on human psychology and is frequently used in mental illnesses. It has a very intense energy. The energy it emits provides a positive spiritual comfort to the person.


Amethyst, which is extremely decorative, is one of the most stylish stones due to its purple color. It is also considered the most healing stone because it is good for many diseases. Amethyst is also very effective on psychological problems and stress. It is also said to be extremely effective in migraine attacks, indigestion and loss of appetite, eye diseases, and lung diseases. As it strengthens the immune system, it is one of the stones that enable people to sleep comfortably in people with sleep problems. Amethyst stone is also very effective in the treatment of alcohol and cigarette addiction.


It is one of the most well-known stones. Symbols of abundance and fertility. As well as being a source of healing for the person who wears the agate stone, it also brings luck, abundance, and abundance. In addition, it accelerates blood circulation and is one of the effective stones in the case of longevity with its sexual performance-enhancing feature.


Aquamarine is particularly effective against forgetfulness, strengthening relationships, and the evil eye. Aquamarine stone also has a healing effect in upper respiratory tract diseases.


Amber is also known as an amber stone. It is very effective especially in the thyroid, asthma, allergic reactions, and bronchitis diseases. It is also known as the luck stone.


In addition to its healing properties, turquoise is a stone of luck and fortune. It is also very effective in blood pressure and heart diseases. It has panic attacks and anxiety-relieving properties. People who wear turquoise stones are also known to develop better self-expression and self-confidence.

Can You Lose Weight With Crystal Stones, How Is It Applied?

Did you know that there are crystal stones that support weight loss through energetic stimulation of metabolism and increasing basal metabolic rate? So, how about weakening with the power of crystal stones? Which stones help to lose weight?

Particularly suitable stones for this process are green tourmaline and magnesite.

Do gemstones help you lose weight?

It would be nice to lose weight by drinking some gemstone water every day and doing nothing else, wouldn't it? Unfortunately, this job is actually not that easy. Because the most important factor in finding your ideal weight naturally is the harmony and strength of your metabolism. This means that the liver, bile, digestive glands, and intestines in particular work well, and individual types of metabolism, especially fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism, are not weakened, but rather strengthened and improved.

However, in our experience, most people who follow the "modern" lifestyle have a clearly impaired metabolism. In addition to many common diseases of civilization, such as diabetes mellitus, arteriosclerosis, and coronary problems up to heart attack and stroke (stroke is now the most common cause of death in Europe), it also causes being overweight and unappetizing. Because only a strong and harmoniously functioning metabolism can adequately use and absorb the necessary nutrients.

What You Need To Do To Regulate Impaired Metabolism

👉Adequate and regular physical exercise (for example, long walks, jogging, yoga, tai chi, etc.), which both accelerates blood circulation and reduces stress;

👉Having a balanced, fresh/energetic and healthy diet that should provide us with high quality, especially in the following food groups: good saturated and unsaturated raw vegetable oils, proteins, minerals/trace elements, vitamins, bitter substances/polyphenols, fresh and energetic water, natural life energy.

👉High levels of stress at work, family and leisure time and lack of balance, time and rest for yourself personally (eg meditation, yoga, spending time in nature, etc.);

👉Avoiding toxins and unhealthy foods (e.g. sugar, trans fats/hydrogenated oils, pork, cow's milk products, nicotine, too much alcohol, drugs, preservatives, emulsifiers, glutamate, fluoride, irradiated and pesticide-treated food, residues in drinking water, antibiotics, marine fish, etc.) and the environment (especially heavy metals, car exhaust, pesticides, industrial wastes, etc.).

If we apply these remedies or actively try to counteract these problems, the body will automatically take us to our ideal weight and our appetite will be regulated. Cravings and hunger pangs for sweets gradually disappear. However, if the disorders have already led to an illness, we usually cannot heal ourselves by changing our lifestyle, but we may need medical attention initially or the help of an alternative general practitioner. You can get into a negative spiral with a disturbed or diseased metabolism. Attempts to eat less or try diets repeatedly often fail after a short time (yo-yo effect). And during this time we provide the body with fewer nutrients than it really needs.

Now that we have made sure that we have made all the right arrangements, we can talk about the benefits of crystal stones for health and weight loss.

Crystal stones suitable for losing weight

Now I can anticipate the questions you will ask. How to lose weight with crystal stones or crystal stone water? You're wondering about this, rightly :) It is known that crystal stones can indeed help with weight loss or metabolism and detoxification. Medicinal Thai water can provide a really important energy boost in this process.

1. Green tourmaline

It is the most important gemstone in helping you lose weight, as it has a powerful energetic harmonizing effect on the body's meridians and metabolic processes, and also aids detoxification to a limited extent. Most ideally, many light color inclusions (light green, light blue to white) can be used.

2. magnesite

It is the second most important gemstone for weight loss, as it especially strongly stimulates and activates the metabolism. It increases the basal metabolic rate. It is best used as a rough stone and when its shape is reminiscent of the structure of a brain.

3. Rock crystal

An important secondary stone to support weight loss and optimize metabolism is rock crystal. It has a powerful energetic harmonizing effect on the functions of the brain and the control of the hormonal system (pituitary gland, hypothalamus). It also enhances the effect of other gemstones in the water. Many small rock crystal stones, whether worked or raw, are suitable. Couples have the sharpest impact.

4. Red jasper

Like rock crystals, it is an important secondary stone for weight loss and metabolism. Red jasper increases basal metabolic rate/energy consumption and provides stronger vital energy to the digestive system. It can be used roughly.

5. Cyanite

Cyanite is also called a thistle or separate. It is very important in the case of special disorders for weight loss and metabolic optimization, especially when the hormonal system and the nervous system of the intestine (enteric nervous system) are disturbed. It is imperative that you only use a light blue mother-of-pearl-like rough stone.

6. Seraphinitis

It is important for specific metabolic disorders, especially psychological problems such as eating disorders. For this purpose, an tumbled stone with as much dark green as possible and lots of white inclusions are best.

Usage Patterns

To make gemstone water for weight loss, we recommend using a gemstone stick with a ready-made mixture or using the indirect method with a test tube. The water produced in this way can be drunk daily for a short period of time until you have the feeling that the metabolism has been significantly strengthened energetically. A difference is usually seen after 4-6 weeks. However, if you stick to your old habits and bad lifestyle (see above), the effect will not be sustainable. You should take a break for at least 3 weeks after 6-8 weeks at the latest. The above-mentioned gemstones can also be worn on the skin with a necklace, although the effect is not as good as drinking stone water.

What is the right mix?

In principle, it is recommended to use green tourmaline and magnesite as the basic building blocks of the "weight loss mix". The other four gems mentioned should be added depending on the problem or emotion. This can also be done only partially temporarily or on a rotational basis.

How many times a day can crystal stone water be drunk?

To achieve a significant effect with crystal water, you should drink a glass of prepared crystal stone water at least two to three times a day, preferably before a meal. Start slowly at first with a maximum of 0.5 l of gemstone water per day and monitor your health, digestion, and energy balance. If you can tolerate water well, you can increase the dose throughout the day.

The water mixture is said to stimulate metabolism and reduce the feeling of pressure and gas. First, the detoxifying and filtering effect of magnesite begins, followed by the harmonizing effect of green tourmaline. If you use a rock crystal, the first effect is usually felt immediately. The full potency of gemstone water usually comes after just a few days, and possibly just 1-2 weeks, and you will feel more and more active. The full effect of rock crystal is now revealed, its power that is said to have inner strength and assertiveness.

Crystal stone water for weight loss is not a quick dietary measure, it is long-term exposure to the effects of water stones. Losing weight in a healthy way takes time.

Important warning: Before such an application, you should consult your doctor and find out if you have any possible discomfort or disability against stone water. The information in the article is for informational purposes only and does not aim to suggest or treat.

Drinking green tea with gemstone water increases the effect

There are signs from many scientific studies that the active ingredients in green tea have a stimulating effect on metabolism and can increase the basal metabolic rate. To get rid of extra pounds, it is ideal to drink Japanese green tea (especially Sencha) every day and prepare it with the aforementioned crystal stone water. Be careful not to boil the water and heat it up to 60 degrees.

Alternative Method:

Another method recommended as an alternative to crystal stone water is to put the beneficial stones in the water and wait, and then consume that water. This method seems easier and risk-free to me too :)

Recently, my interest in crystal stones has increased and I have even ordered some and will continue to do so. Maybe there is a placebo effect when you use it with conviction, I don't know, but nature has many secrets and cures that we do not know. Why not? I will continue with different articles on this subject.

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