Positive Goals For 2022

Good decisions are very popular, especially at the beginning of the year. Exercise more, read more, smoke less, work out more regularly, eat healthier, laugh more, spend more time with your family: the list is long and so are the faces when you fail. It's exactly when you wait too long that you fail. We have a few practical tips for you so that your motivation does not turn to disappointment.

Strengthen the rituals

Should, should: Statements alone often put us under pressure. It helps to establish rituals rather than prohibitions and orders. Nice, new rituals with enough change can also be kept. An example: If someone decides not to pick up their smartphone right away in the morning, it's better to have a nice alternative. So it's not just a cell phone ban, turn around and hug your partner instead. Or take a few deep breaths by the open window. New rituals make it easier to leave traditional habits behind.

Stay realistic

Too often people fail because of their own claims. Full of enthusiasm for action, they tackle things they can't realistically manage in the New Year. Set small goals for yourself! If you want to read it again, you shouldn't put three volumes of 1000 pages next to the bed. It would be better to start with a short, exciting novel and create reading niches for yourself in everyday life. You can also note the times on the calendar. Then it's clear: I have a date with my book! Children, in particular, take on too much and then quickly become frustrated. So, if your child wants to learn more in the future, wants to play less on mobile phones or scavenge more often, think ahead of time about how you can implement good decisions so that motivation doesn't get lost again:

  • Create a realistic time frame together. "Daily" is usually not possible, but "three times a week" may be.
  • Document your child's progress and achievements.
  • Create alternatives! Instead of cell phone time, you can play games or read to your child.
  • Support and encourage your child in their efforts.

Step by step

Some decisions can also be broken down into stages. It doesn't always have to work at the same time. It may make more sense to set small milestones. Then you stay motivated longer because you can celebrate partial successes. And even we parents sometimes get involved in kids losing their motivation. Because we adults often seem hypnotized by the shortcomings of our "little ones". However, we sustain and strengthen a child's joy of learning and motivation only if we do not constantly remind them of their weaknesses or shortcomings.

  • Connecting with what the child is already good at
  • Find out what the child likes to do,
  • and discover their own learning desires and learning goals.

Believe in yourself!

Whatever you're after, believe in yourself! Motivation is also a matter of attitude. Someone who thinks they can't do something from the start is more likely to fail. And even if you can't always persevere: mistakes are normal, human, and there is something to be done. They tell us about what we do and ourselves, and invite us to reflect on ourselves. It's actually very useful, isn't it?

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