Active Monday- 15 Minute Fat Burning Walk & Energy Drink Recipe

Hello to everyone! The first Active Monday post this year! Wow, it was very quick! I hope you feel bombastic on the first January week of 2022. Today I have an easy but effective walking workout and a caffeinated energy drink recipe to prepare at home.


Caffeinated energy drink


Two lemons
100 g of sugar
One big orange
Four teaspoons of dried ginseng root
320 mg of caffeine powder
4 g taurine powder
240 mg of Ginko Biloba
500 ml of boiling water
500 ml pear juice


Squeeze the lemons. Rinse it under running water and scrub the bowl with a brush or cloth. Pat the lemons dry and use a peeler to remove the yellow peel. Do not cut off the white peel, because it tastes bitter. Place the bowl in a small ceramic or metal bowl.
You can also use a sharp knife to peel the lemon if you don't have a peeler.
You can also use the peel of any other citrus fruit, such as orange or grapefruit.
Mix the sugar and lemon zest. Pour the sugar into the bowl with the lemon peel and stir the mixture well to cover the bowl with the sugar. Gently pound the peel with a pestle for five minutes. This will release the oils from the lemon peel. Then put the bowl aside and let it marinate in the sugar for an hour.
The mixture of citrus oil and sugar creates a product called Oleo Saccharum, which was widely used in cocktails in the 19th century.
Wash and peel the orange. Rinse the orange under running water and scrub it with a brush or cloth. Pat the orange dry. Use a vegetable peeler or knife to remove the outer peel of the orange from the fruit. Transfer the bowl to a large, heat-resistant bowl.
Brew an energy tea made from herbs and orange. Add ginseng, caffeine, taurine, and Ginko Biloba to the bowl with the orange peel. Pour boiling water over the mixture and cover it with a clean towel. Let the tea steep for about ten minutes. 
Instead of dried ginseng root, you can also use teabags.
It is important that you add the caffeine and taurine now so that they can dissolve in the boiling water.
Pour off the tea and add the oleo Saccharum. When the tea is pulled through, pour it through a fine-mesh sieve and pour it into a clean bowl. Also, pour the oleo Saccharum through the sieve so that the syrup drips into the bowl with the tea mixture.
Set the tea aside and let it cool down. After about an hour, it should have reached room temperature. To speed up the process, you can let it cool enough to touch it and then place the bowl in the refrigerator.
Make sure the bowl is no longer hot when you put it in the refrigerator or it could burst.
Mix the tea with pear juice before serving. When the tea has cooled down, divide it into four equal portions of 120 ml each. Before you drink it, you should add the same amount of pear juice and ice to each serving.
Instead of pear juice, you can fill up your tea with mineral water.
If you've divided the tea into four servings, each finished 250 ml serving contains around 80 mg of caffeine and 1 g of taurine, just like a store-bought energy drink.

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