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Hello everyone. We are past the Christmas holidays and in a few days, we will welcome a new year. These days it is customary for people to come together and gather at tables where delicious food is served. However, of course, it is necessary to take precautions so that these meals do not return to us as extra kilos. For today's Active Monday blog post, I wanted to add a home walking video that can be applied in the evening of the days when we overeat.

At such times, you can get help from Kombucha tea, which is also known for its fat-burning feature. I will also explain to you how to prepare it at home.

Kombucha Tee Preparing At Home


    1 kombucha organic tea mushroom

    200 ml batch liquid

    12 g tea

    100 g of sugar

    1.3 L of water


    Bring 300 ml of water to a boil. We recommend tap water (filtered at best) or non-carbonated mineral water.

    Now let the entire amount of tea steep in the hot water for 8-10 minutes. Then remove the loose tea. This works best with a tea strainer or a tea sock.

    Now add the entire amount of raw cane sugar to the hot tea and stir until the sugar has completely dissolved.

    Next, add the sweet tea and water to the fermentation vessel. The previously brewed, sweet tea cools down quickly.

    This point is particularly important because the kombucha culture does not tolerate hot temperatures. That would kill her, she's alive after all!

    Now add the starter liquid and the tea mushroom to the sweet tea.

    Don't be surprised, sometimes the fungus sinks to the bottom, sometimes it swims at the top. Both are perfectly correct and not a cause for concern.

    Cover the opening of the fermentation vessel with a tea towel or kitchen paper. This will protect your kombucha from vinegar flies and other vermin. If you have ordered our set, a suitable cover for the fermentation vessel is included.

    Now you put your fermentation vessel in a warm, quiet place. A room temperature above 19 ° C, a little fresh air, and, ideally, a dark place is important for the kombucha. Lighting that is too bright can damage the culture.

    After 5 days you test whether the kombucha is already sour enough for you. If this is the case, remove the tea mushroom and put it aside for now to fill your finished kombucha.

    If your kombucha is not acidic enough for you, let the kombucha ferment further.

    As the last step, you fill approx. 80% of your finished kombucha into bottles and seal them airtight. For more carbonation, let your bottles stand at room temperature for about 1-3 days (second fermentation).

    Then you first put the bottles in the cold. Your kombucha will keep cold for a long time and taste even better.

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