2022 Perfume Trends

 Nothing stands still: whether fashion, music, or even perfume. Every year there are new trends, new fashions and also new fragrances. Here is an overview of all 2022 perfume trends.

The fragrances of the past year will stay in the memory of every perfume lover. But the coming months also await well-known and unknown innovations. The focus is on sensuality and uniqueness. A trend that will make the coming year 2022, a year full of promise.

Perfect by Marc Jacobs

The year 2022 lives from unusual and beguiling scents. But the bottles should also inspire: The new fragrance by Marc Jacobs does this particularly well. While the bottle itself is kept simple, its lid is a real eye-catcher that catches the eye. Elaborately decorated there are shoes, bows, and kittens among many other things. Of course, appearance is not everything: the scent of “Perfect” is sensual and goes right under the skin. The combination of rhubarb, daffodil, cedarwood, and almond milk is without question unique.

Mumbai Noise by Byredo

Picture: byredo.com

Sweet tonka beans, sandalwood, and agarwood as well as tart coffee make the Mumbai Noise perfume magical for the senses. The fragrance is particularly rich in contrasts and just as diverse as the city of Mumbai itself. There is no question that the sensual fragrance nuance is actually intended as a homage. Because: It puts everyone who sees it immediately into the colorful and lively hustle and bustle of one of the largest metropolises in India.

Scandal by Jean Paul Gaultier

Scandal-Jean Paul Gaultier

The new perfume by Jean Paul Gaultier also smells scandalously good. The scent of honey and patchouli is not easily forgotten. The additional fragrance nuance of flowers makes the perfume 2022 a special must-have: Because natural and flowery fragrances will be in increasing demand next year.

Escentric Moecules from Essenza

Escentric Molecules

Essenza convinces every year with the Escentric Molecules. His flacons appear in a digital appearance and therefore belong consistently to the “modern” category. Nevertheless, no two fragrances are the same. The basis for every Escentric is the main molecule, which takes you to seventh heaven even in small quantities. While note 04 is inspired by a grapefruit note, it is combined with a touch of pink pepper and juniper. But what is special about these fragrances? Through the use of special molecules, each fragrance brings out the fragrance note of your own skin.

Dojou by Annayake


Dojou is powdery, flowery, and woody: the ideal combination for everyone who wants to express their closeness to nature. Its diverse nuances of aromatic juniper, warm bergamot, and fiery pepper are not alone: ​​they are refined with ylang-ylang, cassis, cashmeran, and mimosa. The result is a unique fragrance experience that could hardly be more sensual.

Mon Guerlain Intense by Guerlain

Modern femininity as a fragrant manifesto: The new Mon Guerlain perfume embodies the feminine facets and is strong, free, and sensual. The perfume inspires with its woody-oriental note, which is embraced by lavender and vanilla alike. No wonder a woman like Angelina Jolie embodies this fragrance. It invites women to explore their own diverse facets and bring their personalities to light in 2022.

Perfume Coach from Coach New York

Coach-Coach New York

Intensely pulsating and at the same time sensually feminine? The Perfume Coach was inspired by one of the most exciting metropolises in the world: New York. The fragrance stands for spontaneous energy, numerous contrasts, and the urban flair of the big city. The scent of suede-musk, sandalwood, raspberries, and pink pepper brings all of this with it. Complemented by gardenias, Turkish rose, and cyclamen, it is particularly profound and invites you straight into the New Year.

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