At These 5 Body Parts, You Should Apply Your Perfume To Keep It Long

At these 5 body parts, you should apply your perfume to keep it long

how to apply your perfume

These five body parts are best for applying your perfume. Why? Let me explain:

1. In the belly button

Yes, you've read that correctly! Two splashes of your favourite fragrance in the navel and you smell the whole day. Because at this part of the body it is always warm. This allows the fragrance molecules of your perfume to spread better. By the way, rock star Steven Tyler cultivated this trick.

2. On the tailbone

Another unusual body spot on which you should spray your perfume! A few drops of the fragrance applied to the back end! That accomplishes true miracles! Because every time you adjust your blouse, shirt or top, you activate the fragrances through the friction between clothing and skin.

coco chanel mademoiselle

3. In the crook of the arm

Even style icon Coco Chanel recommended applying this body part to the scent. The skin is particularly thin and the veins are just below the surface. As a result, the inside of the elbows is always warm and the fragrance particles can last longer and distribute better.

4. In the popliteal fossa (knees)

Especially in summer, this body part is a hit. The principle works just like the crook of the arm. (See point 3).

5. Behind the ear

The classic! Whenever someone comes near you, it will be enchanted by your scent. Perfect for dates! But attention: Make sure that when applying the perfume, your hair will not be sprayed. Because the high alcohol content can damage the hair structure sensitive.

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