11 Unknown Things About Me - Blogger Nominations

We have a game that my blogger friend Lerzan Karadan has started and my other blogger friend Bipudra has nominated me. I have to answer those questions about me and nominate other friends. So let's start:

11 Unknown Things About Me

1- What don't you like in your character?

Even though I can completely remove the person from whom I see a reverse movement, my heart sometimes softens. These people I usually forgive are breaking my heart again. I don't like this, I think I need to get harder.

2- What is your biggest obsession?

Writing of course. I'm going to say my family, but the family doesn't obsess, people already love their family. So I will write and say my blogs. My blogs fill my life the most after my family.

3- Do you have a secret that no one knows?

Yes of course :) Can't you leave without your secrets? But my dear, let me keep it. I'm already transparent enough.

4- What is your greatest achievement in life?

I'm usually successful in what I get because I'm a hard-working and determined person. I'm sorry I can't be humble about this. I don't think of one thing when I think it's the greatest achievement. Ordinary little successes in my life. The things I think I'm happy with. I may have successfully completed my Kindergarten teacher training in Austria. During my school time, I have had my two little boys at home and it was impossible without the help of my husband.

5- What makes you happy?

I guess I'm lucky about everything that I have:) So many things make me happy. My family, in the first place, my blogs, books, my garden, nature, beautiful music, a pleasant dinner, drinking a cup of coffee in my garden, when I wake up in the morning to realize that there is a sunny day. I just can not stop counting the things that make me happy:)

6 - Who is your favourite celebrity?

There are many artists that I like, but I have left my admiration to celebrities in my young maidens. When I think about it, I can't think of anyone right now. Let me say that I love Agatha Christie. She is my favourite author.

7- Do you believe in luck, do you think you have any luck?

I believe it. I have a souvenir ring from my grandma. I wear it whenever I need motivation, morale. I feel my grandmother with me in those moments and it gives me strength.

8- Dream profession and reason.

My dream profession has always been about writing, and I am very lucky that I have worked in this field for years. Now I can continue writing thanks to my blogs. It makes me very happy to write. I can best express myself by writing. I don't like to talk much :)

9- What are you doing when you are distracted?

The first thing I do is a long walk in nature, I write my feelings and then throw what I write, it makes me very comfortable at that moment. Working at my garden. I usually want to be alone when I'm distracted. I do ironing, tidying up or cleaning; these are also relaxing.

10- Your favourite movie or TV series

I've seen so few movies or TV shows for a year. I love Erin Brokovitch, and I used to watch Lost with my husband. I don't know if I'd like to watch it again, but we'd look forward to the next episode.

11- What question would you like to be asked and what would be your answer?

If you ask me: 'Are you happy?', my answer would be yes. Thank goodness I'm happy.

I nominated my blogger friends:


And of course, all blogger friends are invited :)

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