7 Celebrities & 7 Perfume - Which Is Their Favorite Fragnance?


Perfume... Fragrances are something that no man or woman in the world can resist. Every year, the perfume industry sells billions in sales, and new perfumes are constantly being released.
However, some people cannot give up the scents they have been using for years. Among them are famous names. In my blog post today, I talked about 7 celebrities and the perfumes that they love to use.

Amanda Seyfried, actress


She loves the classics. “I only like new fragrances very briefly and recently I switched back to my absolute favorite: BVULGARI Au Thé Vert
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Rita Ora, singer


She wears an exclusive fragrance privately

. "I love CHANEL Chance, I'm addicted to it."


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Blake Lively, actress


She prefers to wear BURBERRY The Beat in private. "It's fresh and light, but still makes a strong impression."

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Olivia Palermo, Socialite


She loves the light and feminine scent of GUERLAIN Idylle
. "The rose note suits my style best."

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Victoria Beckham, designer


CREED Royal Water claims to be her favorite fragrance. “It's spicy with a warm citrus note and goes well with elegant occasions.

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Emma Stone, actress


And another one that CHANEL loves: "I always spray CHANEL Gardénia on my head cushion, I can't fall asleep without it."

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Katy Perry, singer



Although she has had her own fragrance line for many years, Katy Perry herself prefers to wear the sweet Angel fragrance by THIERRY MUGLER. “It's timeless. I wore it when I was 25 and will probably still wear it when I am 65. ” 


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