How To Do The Perfect Iron? 5 Basic Tips

How to do the perfect iron? First of all, you should create a nice environment for the unloved work. Nice music in the player or a shallow telenovela in the background is a good distraction during monotonous work. But don't forget, the distraction shouldn't be too big, large burn holes or brown spots usually don't look so good on clothing. Then adjust the ironing board to the correct height - this is about hip height - and off you go!


  • Let off some steam! Let off the steam a few times before ironing so that limescale residue simply trickles out of the iron.
  • Pay attention to the care label - the correct ironing temperature is indicated here.
  • Use distilled water - protects the iron.
  • When ironing, the laundry should still be slightly damp - i.e. iron while the laundry is still damp or briefly moisten it beforehand.
  • Always iron small areas first - this prevents large areas from creasing.


Shirts and blouses are not only chic in the office, with them you are always perfectly dressed in your free time - if only it weren't for the strenuous ironing!

Shirts are one of the best ironing disciplines - but don't worry - ironing shirts is not that difficult at all! Actually, only a few little tricks have to be observed and it works with the freedom from creases and the accurate folding!

With shirts, you always start with the outside of the collar, from the corners to the middle! Pull the collar into shape - turn it around and repeat the process with the front of the collar!
To avoid shear creases, the collar is raised when ironing the yokes. When ironing, grab the yokes and smooth them onto the ironing board - iron again from the corners to the middle.
Then continue with the cuffs, smooth them out and then iron them first from the left and then from the right side.
Then the first sleeve is smoothed onto the board from the inside seam to the middle of the sleeve and then ironed down from the shoulder to the cuff. The second sleeve is of course handled in the same way.
Now it goes to the front of the shirt and here it is important to start with the button and buttonhole strips first. Smooth this and run it off with the iron. Then iron the rest of the front evenly.
Now the back can also be ironed - to do this, first, smooth the side seam on the ironing board and then iron the shirt towards the side seam.
A little extra tip: Do not fold the ironed shirts straight away, but hang them on a hanger overnight. This allows them to dry completely and there are no foxing marks! The next day, close every second button on your shirt and fold it on a smooth surface!

In order to make working with the shirts even easier, shirts should only be washed with other shirts and not put more than ten in the machine. In this way, the good pieces do not crease so much in the washing machine - and where there is not so much, there is less need to iron!

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