What Awaits Horoscopes in 2022?

2022 Horoscope

What does the new year bring to your horoscope? What will happen in 2022 according to the astrological interpretation in the fields of love and passion, work and career, body and soul? What awaits zodiac signs in 2022?

According to astrological interpretations, the stars will be in the sign of Saturn in 2022. This planet is said to help us deal well with difficult situations - something we really need after last year. It means the year 2022 is under the influence of Saturn; means structure, law, conscience, perseverance, and responsibility. Even with the turn of the year, the corona crisis will not end according to astrology, but Saturn strengthens us for our survival.

However, Saturn is not alone, according to astrology, the planet Jupiter is also included in the new year. The king planet is supposed to promote wealth and support Saturn. Also, Jupiter brings optimism, self-confidence, and growth. Jupiter is also considered a lucky planet. What more could we need, right?

According to the astrological interpretation, the year 2022 predicts the opportunity to reflect all the signs of the zodiac. The new year should be used as an opportunity to evaluate and think about the past and the future. What are you satisfied with? What should change?

You can find out what effect Saturn and Jupiter will have on individual zodiac signs, below in the 2022 horoscope interpretations for all zodiac signs:

 Capricorn (December 22 - January 20)

The Capricorn planet is Saturn who will stay true to him in 2022 and inspire him to achieve his goals. Saturn is said to strengthen Capricorn's traits and help him maintain his assertiveness and further ground him. But be careful: Capricorn's negative traits are further intensified by Saturn! For this reason, according to the interpretation of astrology, Capricorn people should be careful not to be perceived as too authoritarian by their environment.


When it comes to love and passion, Capricorn hasn't always had easy days in recent years. That should change in 2022: As early as January, Venus will pass through your sign and butterflies will fly around you. Singles will benefit the most from this year-round situation, but they should be careful not to get their hearts broken in June and July. The couples are planning their future together this year.


Saturn is noticed in business and career. Everything seems possible. However, it is important to be careful and not set too high goals. You have already reached your goal, be patient. Success is written in the stars.

Body and Spirit

In the body and spirit realm, Capricorn also needs to slow down in 2022. There will be a burst of strength and energy, but this risks overestimating your strength and spending too much.

Aquarius (21.01. - 19.02.)

Like Capricorn, Aquarius can be content with their planet Saturn being favorable towards them. According to the astrological interpretation, there are big plans for Aquarius in 2022: the horoscope - influenced by the lucky planet Jupiter - has many surprises and twists that will be pleasant.


When it comes to love and passion, February is the year that brings great moments to Aquarius couples and new hopes of love for singles. Maybe there will be nice surprises on Valentine's Day, who knows? The otherwise freedom-loving Aquarius may step into a permanent relationship in 2022, as it allows for more intimacy than he's used to and enjoys cozy hours together. Also during the summer months and in November and December, all signs point to good luck.


In terms of work and career, there may be changes in 2022 for Aquarius. Anyone who has plans or dreams should dare to implement them - according to astrology, the stars are favorable. Dare to jump into the unknown!


With so much tension and change, Aquarius shouldn't neglect to give their bodies and souls a break. Autumn is the perfect opportunity to reflect on what the year brings and whether you're happy with it. How about a healthy weekend?

 Pisces (20 February - 20 March)

Pisces people benefit from the luminosity of the lucky planet Jupiter from May to July. According to the astrological interpretation, anything seems possible. At the same time, 2022 is an ideal year to stock up and see what you've already accomplished and where you want to go in the future.


In Pisces, there doesn't seem to be much activity in the first half of the year for love and passion. You feel comfortable and are not actively looking for a partner. If you make an effort to reach the person who will conquer your heart, you can look forward to great hours for two in March. Autumn brings a positive period related to partnership and sincere union.


Pisces will demand a lot from the beginning of the year in terms of work and career. But be careful: think twice before throwing everything away. Perseverance pays off. But they also need to know their limits, otherwise, the fish risks consuming itself in the next year.


Body and soul also need attention, this is That's why it's especially important as Pisces in 2022 that you take care of yourself first and foremost. You don't always have to be ready for everything and everyone. If you need a break, others can take over your duties.

  Aries (March 21 - April 20)

Aries should have a chance to lead his life on a calmer path in 2022. Spring is a good time to gather yourself and at the same time make plans for the future. In the summer, Aries can make new beginnings with the support of the planet Mars.


When it comes to love and passion, it is believed that the first surprises await Aries in early January. From dating to finding big love, every eventuality is possible. And happiness will last throughout the spring. At the end of the summer, you may have to make important decisions and the ideal opportunity to bond with happiness may arise.


In terms of work and career, according to the astrological interpretation, spring is pretty boring - but also a welcome break from the chaotic 2021 year. You should use the time to make decisions and think about how things should go in the future, in the coming months at the latest. summer is getting a little more hectic again. However, Mars should also help you achieve your goals and celebrate achievements. August is an ideal month for change.


The restlessness of 2021 is still deep in Aries - and it will continue to have an impact on the body and soul into 2022. In the spring, the zodiac sign tends to put a lot of physical effort. Don't go overboard with sports and indulge in a little laziness from time to time. Inner restlessness can be combated with the help of meditation exercises.

Taurus (April 21 - May 20)

Ford Taurus, according to astrology, 2022 is a sign of change. The planet Jupiter encourages Taurus to find what he truly wants and to leave behind everything that is not good for him. This can be scary sometimes. Despite all the changes, the coming year should bring good luck in terms of career. Those who have not been successful yet will have the chance to succeed until 2023 at the latest.


In the field of love and passion, there are great changes in the stars according to astrological interpretations. 2022 should be the year of release from old pressures. This can be a painful process, but in the long run, it will reveal its liberating effect. Consider carefully whether you are happy in the current situation, because you may have to make a decision by summer at the latest. While it won't be easy, in November you have a good chance of finding exactly what you've been looking for for a long time.


There are also turbulences in the business and career field. A good year for entrepreneurship. Because he who does not dare cannot win. Go on an adventure, try something new. Jupiter, the planet of happiness, is on your side and helps all new projects to be successful.


The changes that are due in 2022 can quickly cause stress and put pressure on the body and spirit. It is important for the Taurus to be aware of this and to downshift from time to time if in doubt. Oftentimes, you care too much about others. You should use the next year to put yourself first. Your environment will also benefit from it.

 Gemini (May 21 - June 21)

In 2022, Gemini is said to give confidence to Jupiter and Saturn to keep Gemini from taking off despite success. The element of balance prevails. Astrology predicts a good year at all levels.


Gemini won't be all that involved in love and passion in January just yet. In February - at the latest in March - hot flirtations await him. The situation can get serious from June when singles can enter into a permanent union and couples can look forward to the real bloom of love again. According to astrology, summer is perfect for partnerships or making other plans for the future.


In terms of business and career, Gemini has big plans and is overflowing with ideas. Others, when put into practice, can be viewed with envy and met with hostility. Fortunately, Saturn is believed to prevent evil from reaching Gemini. However, caution is needed from time to time because there are people who do not allow you to succeed.


Spring is the perfect time to exercise. Do something good for your body and soul by exercising. Those who do not neglect their body, exercise regularly, and eat healthy throughout the year can expect a particularly high mental balance and health from the fall.

 Cancer (June 22 - July 22)

It is said by astrologers that the Cancer sign has had to endure many difficult tests in recent years. By 2022, it seems that these difficulties are over in astrology. The New Year is the perfect opportunity to make peace with yourself and capture areas that were neglected in the past.


According to astrological interpretation, the happy planet Jupiter is a big part of Cancer's love and passion. By the middle of the year, single crabs may have already met their soul mate. Even if that's not the case, at least hot flirtations are guaranteed. With the help of Saturn and Jupiter, Cancers manage to be more open than usual in relationships with their partners. The stars indicate harmony.


When it comes to business and career, all signs are believed to point to luck. By mid-January, it might again be a bit stressful, but after that, the worst is over and Cancer is - quite calmly - able to score points with their creativity and empathy and enjoy their work to the fullest. Stress? It is not found in this sign. (I won't be able to join the astrologers here as I'm married to a Cancer. I think Cancer stresses everything :))


Cancers should take more time in 2022 to take care of their bodies and souls. Let everything fun happen. Yoga can provide a better balance, if you choose to do bungee jumping, you can enjoy it to the fullest. Whatever you want, you deserve it.

 Leo (23.07. - 23.08.)

He can roar as he pleases: without patience, the lion will not get very far in the coming year. The impulsive sign may experience some weak periods this year. But according to the astrological interpretation, if Leo waits, he will be rewarded for his patience from the middle of the year.


Between March and August, an explosion of love and passion can be experienced in Leo. It is said that the lion quickly falls in love with others, gets carried away, and hovers above the ninth cloud. But be careful: not everything that shines burns forever. Fortunately, Saturn helps Leos stay realistic and see when they are blind. The only thing that helps is to draw a line. This can lead the lion to meet some really big love between September and November.


Patience is required at least until April when it comes to work and career. Not everything goes according to plan, which demands a lot from the impulsive Leo and can also lead to disappointment. Still, it's crucial to just take a deep breath and move on. A very special surprise awaits zodiac signs in August. Career changes are best implemented in October.


A very bumpy start to the year draws attention in the field of body and spirit. Watch out for infections! By the middle of the year at the latest, things will improve and Leo will get stronger. Strength can be gathered through a vacation – ideally by the sea if possible.

Virgo (24.08. - 23.09.)

For Virgo, the 2022 horoscope doesn't just contain good things, the first half of the year can be quite stressful. From May, Jupiter will support you with great luck. The work that Virgo has to do in the first half of the year will bear fruit by August at the latest.


Virgos have to work pretty hard on their love and passion relationships at the start of the year, while for singles that effort seems insufficient.


In terms of work and career, Virgo is really making a quick start to January. There is so much to do that Virgo can often have concentration problems. The missions are exciting - but also countless. Fortunately, from August onwards there will be a quieter period and Virgos will be able to take a breather. . Because in November, according to the astrological interpretation, there will be another deep - but definitely positive - professional change.


Stress at work makes itself felt in body and soul. Especially in the first half of the year, Virgo should demand some time to clear their head. Small breaks help build endurance. When the weather calms down in August, nothing stands in the way of a longer and more relaxing vacation.

 Libra (24.09. - 23.10.)

Time for new insight: The planet Pluto is making Libra think carefully about himself and his goals in the new year. Of course, weighing and measuring over and over is typical for Libra. However, Saturn and Jupiter help you not only brood over it, but also draw conclusions that will have an impact on the life of this sign.


In the fields of love and passion, according to the astrological interpretation, Libra promises future innovations from May. An old, somewhat rusty love can gain a new impetus that it urgently needs. Singles can meet an interesting person who makes their hearts beat faster. If the spark didn't flare up until June, a surprise in October could make you forget the disappointment.


Libra zodiac signs can prepare for success in business and career. According to astrology, career advancement chances seem high.

or. However, this can also cause envious people around you. Find allies as soon as possible.


Especially in the career field, 2022 could be the year of Libra. But for this, body and soul must be in good condition. Do not overwhelm yourself, start the new year comfortably. If autumn is stressful, find a balance and talk to your friends about your problems.

Scorpio (October 24 - November 22)

In 2021 Scorpio is bored enough. It will expire in 2022. The year will start with excitement and there are many unexpected things in the bundle. Scorpio will be very happy astrologically in the fall.


The year will start with a lot of love and passion for Scorpio. Singles can experience exciting dating in early January. However, the horoscope in February is prone to great joy or sadness. Don't worry: the stars aren't done with you yet. Reviews say there will be hot days from the end of July until the end of October.


Astrology predicts that Scorpio will reach its first high in business and career as early as January. After that, it will be quieter until April. However, from May to the end of summer, there may be a few workouts that can be annoying at times but eventually pay off. Success is inevitable, especially when it comes to patience and perseverance. If you keep your mind open, you can start reaping the fruits of your labor from September.


Body and soul can be restless with all the changes. Scorpio can best combat this restlessness with exercise. There is a huge energy boost in October and anything seems possible.

Sagittarius (23.11. - 21.12.)

It is predicted that Sagittarius will implement their ideas in practice in 2022 and achieve all their dreams.


In the field of love and passion, according to the astrological interpretation, Sagittarius himself does not need to be active: at the beginning of the year, he can spend several wonderful weeks. This positive atmosphere will last until March. There is a small drop, but it is quickly overcome. Do not be too impatient, then nothing can stand in the way of greater love happiness.


Sagittarius will not encounter situations that will bother him in the field of business and career. In the coming year, things will turn around, change again and something new will be decided. Fortunately, Sagittarius is up for challenges and manages to thrive.


Experiencing many things affects the body and spirit. You tend to react nervously to those around you, especially in the spring. Here it is important to take a deep breath and realize that no one wants to harm you. Practice calmness. You will find that things are more positive than you think.

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