The 4 Most Vengeful Signs


These four signs are known for their vengeful natures


Forgiveness is not the power of Pisces. Instead, they react quickly when attacked or disappointed by their colleagues in discussions and blame the other for everything. Especially in disagreements, they seem to be all right - but in reality they are thinking deeply about how to get out of it. Pisces do not take revenge in public, but keep it subconscious forever and take revenge when the day comes.


The zodiac sign is extremely sensitive, but it also has a strong sense of retaliation. Forgiveness is an alien word for the stubborn Taurus. That's why he can't forgive someone who hurt his feelings. Another reason why it is better not to mess with the zodiac sign: Taurus prefers to show his revenge in public. If you have fallen into his arena - good luck!


With this most passive-aggressive zodiac sign, you usually don't realize you have problems with the clasp that hits your face. One second everything is fine, but the next moment Virgo may hate you. Being a perfectionist, he plans his revenge down to the smallest detail: systematic torture is his motto.


This sign literally lives according to the slogan "revenge is sweet". The zodiac sign is very passionate and committed even when it comes to revenge. Scorpio suits his name: If he feels betrayed, he will be angry and turn his counterpart's life into hell. (As a Scorpio person, I can say that I never forget both good and evil :)) 

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