Have you always wanted to know how things are going in your future? Then you should read the coffee grounds. This oracle has a lot of wisdom ready for you.


The practice of looking into the future from coffee grounds originally comes from Turkey and the Orient. The popular hot drink has its origin here and was brought to Central Europe via Hungary and Vienna in the 18th century.
In fact, the way we drink it in the country of origin differs greatly from our habits. Some drink the so-called mocha much stronger than we do. The preparation is simple: For a mocha, water is brewed together with coffee and sugar. Finally, you wait for the sentence to settle and pour the mocha into a small cup. Finally, it is consumed with relish until only the coffee grounds are left that can ultimately be read from. You can also prepare it without sugar.


Why not meet in a group if you want to read coffee grounds. It's fun and together you can puzzle over the images that develop at the bottom of your cup.

In fact, this preparation method is important if you want to read from your coffee grounds. This is the only way to leave some brewed coffee in which you can see the future. In addition, however, there are a few tricks that are supposed to increase the oracle effect. For example, some people stir the mocha three times before drinking it. Others, on the other hand, say a holy sura, a passage from the Koran, into the cup before they drink it and finally read from it. But these are not must-dos - if you want to read coffee grounds, you can simply empty your cup with relish and finally take a look at the floor.

When the cup is empty, place the saucer over your cup, turn it upside down and place it back on the table. What eventually sticks to the ground forms a symbol from which you can read the future.



Beginners may find it difficult to recognize the symbols in coffee grounds. The first step when you want to read from your coffee grounds: get rid of the attention to detail. It is completely sufficient if the coffee grounds show certain similarities to the respective symbol. So open up and let your imagination run wild - you will quickly find what you are looking for in your coffee grounds. Here are a few examples:


It stands for lifelong health. The situation is different if you recognize several trees. They represent negative events that can, however, be avoided with caution.


The mountain stands for reliability and solidarity. It indicates that you will have friends in positions of influence who can help you out in sticky situations. However, if the mountain is surrounded by clouds, the meaning is reversed: Then it stands for powerful enemies.


Flowers are consistently positive: They represent success in all stages of life. The more clearly you can see them, the richer you will be rewarded.


Can you read fish from your coffee grounds? Great, because they bring luck. If they are clearly visible, you will make money. On the other hand, if they appear fuzzy, you are coping well with the problems ahead.


If you recognize a woman at the top of the cup, this indicates a happy love story that you will write together with a partner. On the other hand, if the character is only faintly recognizable, this indicates jealousy, which will create difficulties for a relationship.


The heart is a beautiful symbol that you can recognize by reading your coffee grounds. A single one means happiness and fulfilling experiences in the future. If, on the other hand, two hearts appear, you can hope for an early engagement or wedding.


A cross, on the other hand, does not indicate anything good. It's a sign that someone is trying to harm you. If it appears on the edge of the cup, it will hit you less hard and after a short time, you will have overcome the misfortune. However, if it is central or even at the bottom of the cup, you should be prepared for a difficult test that will demand a lot from you.

A cute little mouse - but it has it all! Because it stands for robbery, theft, fraud, and dishonesty. If it is unclear, you may still be able to evade your fate. However, if the mouse is clearly visible, be careful! 

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