Everything About Freckles And 4 Skin Care Tip


Everything about freckles


As soon as the first rays of summer sun touch your skin, will your freckles become visible? We explain to you where they come from and give you tips for optimal skincare for freckles.
How do freckles develop?

The slightly brownish spots on the skin are more common on light and thin skin - this light-sensitive skin type usually has blonde or reddish hair. Freckles are caused by the UV rays of the sun or in the solarium and are irregular pigment deposits in the cells of the top layer of skin. They are a benign pigment disorder and are therefore completely harmless. However, especially after the summer, have your skin examined by a dermatologist to check for pigment changes.

In the fall, the freckles fade so much that they seem almost invisible. However, you should attach great importance to sun protection even in colder times of the year with less sun, as UV rays are reflected in the snow.
During pregnancy, many women get more freckles due to the changed hormone concentration, which changes again after giving birth.

The right protection against freckles

Your sensitive skin needs extra care, especially in summer. Since your skin's self-protection time is a maximum of 20 minutes, you should supplement your daily skincare routine with adequate sun protection. A sun protection factor that is as high as possible is recommended to protect your skin as best as possible. At the same time, the development of freckles is slowed down and the existing freckles become less visible. Protect your skin with a wide-brimmed hat and avoid direct sunlight.


4 Skin Care Tip For Freckles

 Apply Care According to Your Skin Type

Your skin may be dry, oily, or in combination. It will be sufficient to use a cream to clean it regularly with a suitable product and also to complete the day and night care.

Avoid excessive makeup

Excessive make-up can make facial freckles even more pronounced. The most suitable form of make-up is to use BB creams instead of foundations. In this way, the skin looks smoother, even, and brighter. You can also use powder to make your face a little more matte. Concealers can be used, but be careful not to be too dark or make freckles worse.

Be sure to use sun protection

Freckled skin is also sensitive to the sun. Be sure to use a quality and high protection factor sun cream. It is useful to apply protective cream not only to the face but also to the whole body; especially if you are at the beach or by the pool.

Avoid products that will irritate the skin

If possible, use care products with natural ingredients, fragrance-free and dye-free. Since freckles usually occur on open and sensitive skin, such care products can irritate the skin.

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