Active Monday - Abs And Booty Workout & Ginger Mint Drink


Hello and happy Active Monday to everyone! Finally is hot in Austria! But we can always expect rain. I am happy for some pool days:) I swim a few days in a week and I am walking everyday. Unfortunatelly I don't have time for more.
Are you ready for an active week? Today I have an abs & booty workout. We need fit arms in summer time. And a very tasty Ginger mint drink recipe for hot summer days and nights. Enjoy them:)

Ginger and mint drink

For a glass of this summer drink you will need:

     2 stalks of mint
     1 thumb-sized piece of ginger
     200 ml ginger ale
     1 tbsp orange or ginger syrup (optional)
     Ice cubes

Preparing steps

     Wash the mint and shake the leaves dry. Then pluck them into slightly smaller pieces and place them in a glass.
     Grate the ginger and add it to the mint leaves.
     Fill the glass with ginger ale, ice cubes and possibly syrup and stir the drink briefly.

Abs & Booty Workout

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