6 Golden Rules Of Goals Setting And Achieve Them

What do you want to achieve for the next five years? What is your current main goal in your career? What would you like to have achieved at the end of this day?

According to self-improvement experts, if you want to be successful, you must first set a goal. Without a goal, you can not focus anything and you have no direction. Setting goals allows you to control your life and your destiny. It also provides you with a reference point to determine if you are successful. Setting goals is a challenging process that requires you to carefully handle, think and make the right decision on what you want to achieve.

There are 6 golden rules of goal setting that are proven by research companies.

1. Your goals should be motivating.

Motivation is the key to achieving goals. Your goals should motivate you. If your goals are motivating, you will endeavour to achieve results. If your goals do not motivate you, then you have a poor chance of realizing your goals.

To ensure that your goal is motivating, write down why your goal is valuable and important to you and ask yourself:

If I had shared my goal with others, what would I have told them to convince them that it was worthwhile? ”

You may ask this question when you become desperate about your goal, lose interest in your goal, or lose faith that you can achieve your goal. Your answers will activate you again and increase your motivation.

2. Your goals should be clear and well defined

Unclear goals are useless because they can not provide you with enough motivation.

My Goals In 2020 - Deria is planning

3. Your goals should be measurable

Your goals should include precise measurements, and the outcome of your goal should be measurable. When your goal is to “reduce costs, it is difficult to measure your success rate. However, when your goal is to “reduce costs by 10 per cent”, you can measure your goal's success.

4. Your goals should be achievable

Make sure that it is possible to reach the goals you set. If you set a goal that you can not reach, you will be discouraged and lose confidence in yourself.

5. Planning

You have a good plan on how to achieve your goals. Planning is the beginning of every project. What you have to do to reach your goal, how long you will reach your goal should be in your plan.

  6. Your goals must have an end date

Setting an end date for your goals will trigger your sense of necessity and will help you achieve your goals.

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