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My Goals In 2020 - Derias 2020 Plannings

My Goals In 2020 - Derias 2020 Plannings

Do you make plans and set goals every new year? I  do it. I reached many of my goals in 2019. I have some new goals for myself in 2020 and I wanted to share them with you too:

  1. Staying Healthy

My first goal is to stay healthy. I have had a lot of health problems in recent years and I am happy for every new day that I am healthy.

2. To make time for my family

It may seem like a classic goal, but even if you meet family members every day, you can't spend quality time with each other in crowded families.

3. Continue working for my Blogs

I wrote a lot of articles for my blogs in 2019. I intend to continue this in the new year.

4. Improve myself

In 2019, I started some courses. My first courses were about sports, (Hatha yoga & Pranayama, Barre İnstractor )and now I'm attending a creative writing course. In 2020, my efforts to improve myself will continue.

5- Reading books

In 2019, I set a goal of reading 45 books in Goodreads. I managed to read 43 books. I will try to reach my 45 book target in the new year.

Yes, dear friends, these are my 2020 targets. What goals did you set yourself?
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